autoimmune dysautonomia-stomach vomiting-bile reflux gastritis-biofeedback miracle


autoimmune dysautonomia-stomach vomiting-bile reflux gastritis-bioresonance miracle

Hi, Helga its Kim Cook  I thought I would take a minute to write about the success I have been having and thought you would like a positive up date and if you could forward this message to the person who made the beamers and the CoRe rife machine I think they would like to hear about my story too.

Sorry for the long letter but felt I had to explain everything to get the full understanding of my illness.

Give you a short history again but basically since 2010 , age 26 I was in and out of the hospital constantly I couldn’t eat, I was sick to my stomach vomiting, no appetite at all I had 3 endoscopes 1 showed bile reflux gastritis, the other two normal, I also had colonoscopy that was normal. Nobody knew what was wrong or cared either I also had postural orthostatic tachycardia (pots) basically my heart raced every time I stood up sometimes it would go as high as 140 bpm  which left me bedridden most times.

No doctors down here cared I eventually got into a GI specialist in bridgewater area and he diagnosed me with gastroparesis after a gastric empyting  scan showed a lot of food still in my stomach after the test. I was put on domperidone, erthroymicn, resotran, and they all didn’t work, I was given special permission from the government to go on propulsid this drug that was removed from the market 10 years ago due to heart problems this drug still wasn’t enough to help me sustain weight orally.

At this point I was on a complete liquid diet my whole gi system had stopped and I was admitted to hospital dec 2012. I stayed 5 1/2 weeks in the hospital and was on iv saline and had a nj tubed placed for jejeum enternal feedings I could no longer sustain my weight orally.

I also saw a neuromuscular doctor in London Ontario who did some testing and diagnosed with autoimmune dysautonomia. Basically it means dysfunction on the autonomic nervous system. I was placed on IVIG (immunoglobins) I would go to the hospital once a month and have an infusion to balance my immue system.

Fast forward 9 months in august 2013 I had a surgical jejumostomy tube placed and the nj tube came out. I went downhill after that really quickly bedridden sick barley tolerating feeds. I was now placed on alternating antibiotics flagyl, augmentin, gentymycin for my bowel it had slowed down so much it was creating overgrowth of bacteria which was wearing my body out enormous fatigue  I could barely manage to shower daily couldn’t cook look after my kids my mom would come help bath them and take them on weekends. I wasn’t going to live much longer I was sure of it. I  went septic that same October and was admitted to hospital again for a few days.

Fast forward April 2014 someone told me about Helga and the rife machine that she uses and I had to try it I had nothing to loose sure enough I had a treatment around 11 and showed some really bad bacteria.  I haven’t looked back since after that one treatment I had a herx about 7 at night that lasted a few hours but woke up the next morning feeling like a new person.  I was shocked and so happy. I still had to work on rebuilding the nerves that had quit working in my gi tract for which she told me about the beamer I was sold on that after what I had felt from the last time I saw her I trusted she could help and I ordered the beamer in and wear it attached to my stomach all the time after 2 weeks I started to get hungry I haven’t been hungry or felt hunger since 2010. I ate just to eat it was pure torture for me to eat before I saw her. But after 2 weeks I started to feel hungry and could actually eat and have been able to eat normally since then (except for a week that I hit a button on the beamer and it stopped working but she fixed it 🙂

The rife machine cured what 6 months of straight antibiotics couldn’t even touch and the beamer helped rebuild my nerves I am glad I took the chance and and trusted her I am back to my old self now.

I now have energy my fatigue is gone I can play with my kids, I am camping, walking, riding bikes, playing games with my kids my husband has his wife back now too.

I was also on a steroid I forgot to mention called florinef that was used to keep my blood pressure up it was extremely low.

As of now I am off all antibiotics and have been for a while and off steroids.

autoimmune dysautonomia-stomach vomiting-bile reflux gastritis-biofeedback miracle

I cant thank you enough Helga I owe you my life I am not joking you saved me from a certain death my Husband children and my parents are very grateful to you my Dad even personally thanked Corrine Deon the woman who told me about you.

I hope to continue improving and will see you again soon.

I also took an interest in energetic medicine and 2 month ago bought a pulsed magnetic field mat and a magnetic pulsar which are also helping me.

I will attach some photos to show when I was very sick and after

Thanks Helga

Kiran’s reply:

Dear Kim

Your story makes me very happy – and thank you that you  took the time to write this down.

I know the source, the destination and the way of our existence is Gratitude

not once a day but many times – and sometimes it needs a drastic RESET to get us back on this track again

and also much appreciation for Helga’s work

who has ventured fully into the new BEaMEr technology



Your pictures reminded me about my own RESET




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  1. I am so glad that Kim wrote her story. I did not have the time.
    The same story should be written about Baby Stella – she healed from a Gliablastoma brain tumor with the Core and Beamer.
    When I come back I need to train an assistant to help me at the clinic, its getting too busy

  2. How close is this equipment to Hulda Clark’s zappers for body and food. Is this at all related to the epidermal screening I have had several times by a homeopathic care giver I am very interested!
    Thanks, Susie

    • Hi Susie,
      This is more than the Hulda Clarke’s zapper, it does much more than that. I think you are referring to electro-dermal screening. With the Bioresonance system you are utilizing the person’s own frequencies as carriers of other healing frequencies including Hulda Clarke’s or Rife’s or from other sources so they can penetrate more easily into the body without immune reactions as the body will recognize its own frequencies. Please write me at for more information. Thanks.

  3. Hi Helga, is the BEAMER the German technology also spelled BEMER?

    Thank you! I am seeking treatment in the USA for this machine – thanks!!

    • Hi Roger,

      No, the BEaMEr is not the German BEMER. Our BEaMEr is an intelligent portable energy and wellness device that combine TENS, RIFE, CRANE, Zapper as well as Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy and a Scalar energy generator. For more details please see Thanks, Sonia

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