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Bioresonance LaesEr BBR System

Bioresonance has been has been used as complementary therapy since about 40 years. Traditional approaches had good results but lacked a working model that was acceptable to established science and was also not able to demonstrate any working energies with conventional measuring devices.

The Bioresonance-LaesEr works with the latest but nevertheless conventional measuring technology to read electrical signals from the body of the client, amplifies them and optionally inverts or modulates them with secondary information or frequencies and sends them back to the client’s body. The involved processes are measurable at any point and energies that are fed back are sensible. It is no longer necessary to use unproven and unverifiable concept like “subtle energies” to explain the working mechanism.

Moreover the Bioresonance-LaesEr has the following useful additions:

1. Biofield detection – this allows measuring the relative extension of the Biofield. This has never been verifieable before by conventional technology in a reproducible way. The Biofields of different people can be compared, it is possible to show the effect of different postures and gestures, as well as relative changes to momentary energetic states. Also the frequencies connected to the Biofield feedback can be recorded or instantly distributed to connected patients.

2. Signal-amplification – signals can be amplified selectively up to several hundred thousand times which makes it possible to read frequencies even from energetically very weak or insulated points, as for example the feet. Correct amplification can easily be checked via the left LED bar.

3. Client Frequency Modulation –  it is possible with an external signal that can be provided by the CoRe software or a recorded mp3 file. This means the signal fed back to the client is composed of his own frequency pattern as the carrier and the healing information frequency. The proportion of the two signals is adjustable with the middle knob at any desired proportion. This combination of Frequency therapy and Biofeedback therapy is new in that it increases receptivity of healing frequencies by magnitudes as the body’s energetic system allows frequencies to enter without an energetic immune reaction. This is easily verifiable sensibly as voltages as low as 1 Volt are felt strongly.

4. Diagnostic Mode – allows to see electro-cardio as well as other electric signals of the clients body either on the LED panel or via the monitor output and attached computer or make them audible

5. Substrate-information – it is possible via an integrated magnetic field generator that creates a measurable field, in the substance as well. Any substrate that contains magnetize-able particles can thus be used to store client and/or healing frequencies. When using liquids it is recommended to add a few drops of colloidal minerals for this purpose.

6. Inversion of client-signals – is possible and thus creates what we call an allopathic energetic bioresonance treatment. Just as with drug-based allopathic therapy, this is often experienced as more violent, it can however be curative if the patient´s pathology indicates stagnation or therapy resistance. However the starting mode of treatment that is also unique to the Bioresonance-LaesEr is the “energetic homeopathic” mode in which the client signal is returned simply amplified but otherwise unchanged. This mode is showing unparalleled potential as it is often sensibly experienced as a self-affirmation and leads often to an almost meditative state with increased Self-awareness.

7. Monitoring – of the amplified signals that are used for treatment or for magnetic information is possible with an output at the back that allows recording via any audio-recorder or display on a conventional oscilloscope.


The CoRe system is based on the concept of DLE, the Dynamic Labile Equilibrium, as its main principle. Life has to be lived between polarities – if we exclude polarity, disease will set in – for the same reason we have two eyes and two halves of brains.

In the Bioresonance LaesEr this principle is integrated in and we can apply electric, magnetic and light signals always with 2 channels where the C1 (left bar and left knob) carries exclusively the signal of the client whereas C2 (right LED bar and middle knob) carries the client signal modulated with the signal from an external source.

(For Biofeedback therapy with client signal alone the middle knob functions as a fine tuner for the signal intensity if the feedback electrode is connected to Ch2 of the Health Integrator)

8. Magnetic therapy with client specific frequencies is possible if applicators are connected here. It is a new and unique approach to use magnetic frequencies in a feedback loop – which allows the person’ s own frequency pattern to be used for magnetic therapy instead of selective frequencies that have been found valuable in individual cases. Also here the Bioresonance LaesEr has very new healing potential. We offer a wide selection of magnetic applicators:


9. Rife therapy is now also possible with the Bioresonance LaesEr system adding great improvement to this already successful therapy where the client’s own frequency pattern is used as carrier. This combines the central idea of homeopathy that the clients information system is made more open to information that is communicated in a personal language (frequency pattern) –“Similimum principle” – and will resist less with energetic immune reactions.

Actually, it can be seen in the fact that signals as low as 9 Volts are usually sensed as very strong and that 3 Volts is what is generally considered comfortable.  All other TENS  and Rife systems work with much higher voltages and still are hardly sensed as the body turns “insensitive” as a immune reaction to an alien signal.


10. Light Therapy is possible with our LED visible red &infrared pad applicators:


Light therapy is very effective added to electric therapy particularly in skin problems as well as tension in superficial tissues.

The experience of mind-machines is increased exponentially if our Mind-Resonators are used as the light flashes with the heart-beat and other electric pattern in the body.


11. Laser-Light output – glass fiber applicator in development which will allow Bioresonance therapy with client specific frequencies via laser light on acupuncture points.


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