BEaMEr biofeedback combined with EMDR


Biofeedback combined with Heartrate variability and EMDR


EMDR is part of our CoRe version 6 software HERE and has been found to be a very effective therapy addition. With the BEaMEr we combine it with heartbeat & breath synchronized frequency therapy which has never done before. Making a connection to the SELF is not only the goal of spirituality but simply is the basis of self-security, inner-peace and harmony. Lack of Self-resonance is the cause of  immune-deficiencies or even auto-aggression as in Lupus or MS and eventually cancer. Not being centered in oneself is the cause for Autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression and countless other diseases. This software combined with the BEaMEr is a way to create coherence combined with flexibility by alternating the brain hemispheres that is a key to make this inner reconnection possible – because nothing  is closer to our SELF than the heartbeat and the breath. (all BEaMEr users will get an email with a download link for this program )



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  1. I am not a practitioner, just someone interested in energy medicine. The BEaMEr is absolutely fascinating!

    It says that the TENS has a frequency range of up to 250 KHz. Does the frequency generator control the PMFT and light also, or are they separate? (For example, if the TENS is operating at 100 Hz, do the PMFT and light operate at 100 Hz as well?)

    Is the PMFT set at a specific gauss strength, or is that controllable too?

    With so many features, I am having a difficult time imagining exactly how it would be operated. Would I have to input specific frequencies for each type of energy (PMFT, infrared, etc.), or does the BEaMEr do everything automatically?

    Thank you for your help!

    • Kiran Schmidt on

      Hello John

      it is selectable which energy forms you use in the BEaMEr Electric, Magnetic, Visible or infrared light.

      The frequencies selected either from CoRe software, Music, Heartrate sensor or internal BEaMEr generator run the selected energy applicator in sync

      which means run the same frequencies at the same time – all else would confuse the body


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