Bio-LaesEr and toothache


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I had Litsa, one of the CoRe users here last night… she wanted me to test her unit… which i did and it is ok….. (the new CoRe technicianJ)


I put her on the LaesEr as she wanted to know how to use hers when it arrives


1          She came with a toothache, in 15 minutes the toothache disappeared !!, we have this on video


2          Then she stayed 2 hours and she felt fantastic,,, we have this on video also….


3          She has worked with the Manual, she knows what she is doing now… also on video


Warm Regards



Dr Katherine & Dr Thomas Tassioulas

Australasian Institute of Health & Healing

P.O. Box 6010,  South Vermont

Victoria. 3133   Australia



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