Bio-LaesEr changes level of anxiety, presence, need to control


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I had to deal very much with anxiety in my life but after having 9 sessions with the Bioresonance LaesEr nothing is able to bother me anymore.

Very rapid changes on all level, on the physical, mental and emotional level.

Feel that it creases my energetic field

I am in a fairly continues state of peacefulness and this was never really the case before – I was more like hyperactive in a fight or flight mode – this has been a real change

This is a real change and when things happen – when I hear of upsetting things – previously I would go into a defensive state but its just not interesting me anymore. Also things that would irritate me before I can now get over them rather quickly now.

Previously I had to control conversations and kind of direct them one way or another and I feel now I don’t have so much a concept anymore what should happen in a conversation – now things are shifting without me even saying a word.

My thought is more and more to just be present and I get the feedback that this really helps my clients. People who know me have remarked how much I have changed – my wife even told me that I am a different person.

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