Bio-t – Technologies and Marco Paulo for Quadtrinity Clinic seminar (in May again!)


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Bio-Quadtrinity method Bio-t – Technologies  seminar

Hello to everyone,

as many of you may already know, on February 7th, 8th and 9th 2015 was held in Rome the first International Permanent Seminar on the Bio-Quadtrinity method, held by Andrea Gadducci and his staff for Bio-t – Technologies for Life and Marco da Silva Paulo for Quadtrinity Clinic (

The seminar, which was attended by more than 35 people (and this is just the beginning…), was a great success, and all participants returned home with the knowledge that they have learned something new and precious about the real potential of the Inergetix CoRe System, a potential which is really huge and can completely change your way of working as a therapist in a short time.

Bio-Quadtrinity method Bio-t – Technologies  seminar with Marco Paulo

People from Italy, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and even Australia have started with us a journey, forming a network which will allow a continuous exchange aimed to obtain the best results for them and for their patients. We are aware that this is only possible with a long-term training, which could involve the customer step by step, with a great support network behind him that does not leave him never walk alone.

I would like to share with you the following feedback received from Vesna, one of the participants:

“Dear Sonia.
The seminar was absolutely amazing. And Marco Paulo is truly a great mind and soul. I learned a lot.
It is also clear to me that a man like him can make any system work, but truly believes in this one and the technology/philosophy behind it.
If anyone of the ‘powers that be ‘ were to ask me my opinion, I would say support this man any way you can, and also the group of healers he is gathering around him. I saw something really big… And his only aim is to teach as many people as possible to use Kiran’s invention/product in the most consistent, professional way.
I know for a fact, in terms of global awareness, not to mention sales… It is truly beneficial to everyone. In every way. If only we look at it long term, stand together and be a synonim for top care, human touch and professionalism. Be it a system, or machine…
And I already have instant results; and so do my collegues around the world.
So glad you asked .. 🙂


&  Jarek & Malgorzata Orszański from Poland attended the Rome Seminar with Marco Paolo and Andrea Gadducci, and had this to say:
“Dear Sonia,
We are very happy with it. Especially 3rd day was really helpful.
For us it was really necessary, because now we really starting to use the Core.”

So…the network is ready, and everyone – both customers and those who still don’t have the system, but want to start – can join us in this training journey.

As cooperation among Kiran, Marco Paulo and Andrea Gadducci we are working for the launch of a new “all inclusive” business model, which will allow new customers to enter the world of Inergetix just paying a small starting amount, followed by a monthly fee, which will include everything: Devices – Training – Technical assistance  for 3 basic line of systems: Informational, Frequency and Bio-Resonance  connected to a practical business model for the customer’s center.

We are almost ready, in a very short time all the details will be available, we are adapting all this to a world wide distribution…

Meanwhile, I anticipate that the next training is scheduled for May, the 7th and 8th, in Bardolino, on the Garda Lake. We look forward to seeing you all!

For Info:

greetings to you all Andrea


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