Biofeedback Acupunture PMFT laser TENS probe and applicator


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Bioresonance LaesEr neurofeedback bioresonance PMFT Acupuncture  therapy

There are many parts of our body that represent holograms of our organism like 

1. ear

ear reflexology neurofeedback bioresonance frequency therapy

2. hands

Hand-acupuncture biofeedback bioresonance

3. feet

foot reflexology neurofeedback bioresonance energy therapy

Different than other holograms of the body like Iris, blood, saliva, DNA, Hair these areas of the skin allow you to tap into the informational channels both for diagnosis and treatment by using the corresponding points.

Bioresonance LaesEr neurofeedback bioresonance PMFT Acupuncture probe

This new probe and applicator allows you to read electric pattern in specific locations via the Bioresonance-LaesEr and then to amplify the signal with the Health-Integrator and feed it back as TENS, Pulsed Magentic frequencies or as visible and infrared light. It is acupuncture with the power of 4 different forms of energy and the use of Eigen-frequencies of the body – which is energetic form of Homeopathy where it is known since 200 years that the most potent remedy is that of the SIMILIMUM and what could be a creater one than the unique electric frequencies of the body.

We see the results that  are better than using “inverted” signals (as done in alopathy or traditional bioresonace) – which however is also possible with this system.





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