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Dear Friends

The Bio-LaesEr will change the world of energetic medicine and certainly also some traditional spiritual practice that are all geared at a realization of Self-awareness. 

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The BBR-System  (Bioresonance, Biofield and Rife Therapy System) package will give you all these possibilities at the price of only one third of a conventional Bioresonance Device :

1. This system includes a Bioresonance system that surpasses any other system on the market as it works with actually measurable and experience able energies

2. It allows substances to be programmed with a built in magnetic field generator

3. The Bio-LaesEr allows to combine CoRe generated frequency files or music with client Eigen-frequencies

4. This system  makes it possible to measure  the Biofield of a given client and to record aura-field frequency pattern and use them for electric, magnetic or light therapy

5. The Health Integrator can also be used together with the Single-Frequency CoRe Software as a superior Rife-Frequency device that can amplify and drive applicators for electric, magnetic, light, plasma or laser therapy

6. The dual channel technology makes it possible to outperform conventional Rife therapy by creating client resonant interference pattern

7. And possibly best of all it does not need a software or computer to be operated, no evaluations to be analyzed and thus makes operation of this system easy.

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About Author

Inergetix Founder Born on 1962 in Stuttgart/Germany, Founding of the Instrument Systems Corp Munich.


  1. Hi Kiran
    that is a very generous offer, I have purchased this system Health Intergrator and LaesEr Bioresonance, and with everyone that I have worked with the results have been great. One of my clients emailed me to let me know that she still had the calm feelings and the clarity of mind even after 3 days of being on the system…
    I am working with my usual clients on the Health Navigator and then I have asked my clients if they want to experience the LaesEr and all the the results are very positive
    I am sure that by offering the system at a discounted price many of the users will have the opportunity to purchase it and add this system to their practice
    warm regards

  2. Dave Martini on

    Would like to hear more about your device particularly it’s plasma capabilities I used a plasma device about 20 years ago and had some interesting results I’ve been posting on the rife forum here in the USA mostly under the technical forum and am a serious researcher but did not grow up in a rife environment. Some of my conclusions you might be interested in. Most of those on the rife forum group were slanted towards general dispersal Sometimes the next step is hiding right in front of you. Dave. Will send if asked…..don’t want to be a pest though….

    Hello Dave

    please post any of your work/ideas here. We have stopped the production of our Plasma Generator as we are preparing the release of the “Quantune Communicator” that will be iterface-able with the Bio-LaesEr and thus plasma will for the fist time in history be modulate-able by Eigen-frequencies- the first real innovation since Rife


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