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1. What are the 2 ways to use the CoRe system ?

2. Why do Eckehard Tolle and others not teach the methods that liberated them ?

3. Why does most meditation and other “calming” techniques delay the attempted result ?

4. How do most holistic practitioners only cover-up the true purpose of disease ?


If you believe that illness comes from some missing supplements, some toxins or some parasites, you just give the remedies and diagnosis given by CoRe, generally it will work as a better patch than that given by most doctors.

However if you – as I – see all illnesses as a source of energy that can get us on the path to liberation from all these imaginaries ideas about our identity, our likes and dislikes, our friends and enemies, our ailments and remedies, you have to use it in a very different way:

I made a very astonishing discovery,  that most of the people, that I consider to have reached Self-Realization, seem to have forgotten what actually brought them to this state. For example Eckehard Tolle now teaches “Being Present/ mindfulness/ quiet presence” as a way to get there, where in fact he got to where he is now through the following life-circumstances

One night in 1977, at the age of 29, after having suffered from long periods of suicidal depression, Tolle says he experienced an “inner transformation.”[6] That night he awakened from his sleep, suffering from feelings of depression that were “almost unbearable,” but then experienced a life-changing epiphany

This means he did not get it through the techniques he now teaches but by utter desperation and as I call it a DLE life-situation. And if you look in the lives of many realized teachers you will see that they came to this collapse of EGO not via the techniques they are teaching but by an utter chaotic life-situation.

Same with Buddha, he did not come to his higher state of consciousness through watchfulness, or ascetism but simply by trying everything to the very max and then ending in total desperation that nothing he had tried so hard had given any lasting result – and from this total confusion the new state rose – like the phoenix from the ashes.

That is my point – we have to open up and see that unpredictability, uncertainty, chaos, tragedy, frequent change, in short DLE the state is that has the potential for total transformation, whereas the mindful meditation something is that you can enjoy without end once you have arrived but it will not get you there, it’s just a little calming patch and  in fact it will delay the arrival/ collapse.

So what has this to do with the way we can really help people who come to us with some ailment?

For example one user wrote :

Dear Kiran

First I didn’t wanted to answer anymore, but now that  I read your message again I want to give my view.

Sometimes if people acknowledge the illness, they can accept it and from that point they can start their healing.

Often they are afraid and by admitting that they are afraid and do have really some things going on in their body, than they can start their healing.

Kind regards Gré

So yes most people are afraid, if something is going painful or threatening in their body. If you give some calming advice or explain to them where their problems come from – if you are a charismatic doctor – everyone will leave more at ease and even pain free.

However as revolting as this sounds, it is just a more subtle and informational patch than pain-killers.  Shamans would  go the very opposite way they would frighten their clients  more with masks and rituals or increase the pain requiring them to walk over glowing charcoal or piercing them with needles.

As most of you cannot use the techniques of Shamans without risking to loose your license, I very much have to recommend 2 ways to deal with this dilemma, either not to discuss any results, or even better to present the ideas that the person certainly does not want to hear.

If he is into “-ism” of any kind and CoRe indicates it, be it “Vegeterianism”, “New Ageism”, “Borelosism”, “Motherism”, “Loveism”, “Trueism”, “Realitism” or “Feminism” tell them to start to dislike THEIR BELIEVE in it, not because it is bad but because their EGO has made it its strong-hold and the plan for their evolution will not allow this to increase.

Best you can make them Multi-Polar, just like children are or at list get them on the road to being Bi-Polar

Its a Juggling act – as all DLE and all of live truly is meant to be


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