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bioresonance bicom rayonex medtronic kindling comparison Bioresonance is one of the oldest electric treatment modalities, developed almost 50 years ago in Germany. One of the main premises of Bioresonance technology that has not changed since its beginnings is that there are harmful frequencies in the body that can be neutralized by measuring them and feeding their inversed form back to the body… neutralized by measuring them and feeding their inversed form back to the body… Just like today Noise-reduction headphones work. However this unquestioned assumption has many defects. First nobody has ever seen or shown reproducibly electric frequencies, even with the most sensitive oscilloscopes. Manufacturers usually explain this by saying that these electric vibrations are too subtle and are immersed in the electric noise that is in our environment… WE ask: “How is it possible that they can work with something that they cannot even measure?” Second the very basis of simply inversing naturally occurring frequencies, if they exist at all, is highly questionable, as this is the idea of allopathic medicine, as their philosophy is about inversing. Inversion of high temperature, high blood pressure, acidic stomach terrain and so on… And we all know it does more harm than help. However we have to realize that the philosophy of bioresonace comes from that time in which allopathic thinking was at its height, so inverting frequencies just was making sense. Many bioresonance treatments however have good results which we understand at Inergetix as the known beneficial effect of electric frequency therapy in general. Inergetix went one step further and developed a system that in fact samples the electric signals that are generated by heart, brain, muscles and in general all parts of the body, amplifies them, converts them besides electric signals into light and magnetic frequency pattern and provides the applicators to feed these energies back to the client Different than traditional Bioresonance which cannot demonstrate the bioresonance signals with general electric testing equipment it can be done with the CoRe system but more importantly these signals are sensible to everyone who is being treated. When you compare other devices ask the manufacturer to show you with a simple volt-meter or oscilloscope that a signal is actually created and ask how  “good” frequencies are differentiated from “harmfull” frequencies. Here is a page that I made 10 years ago – and had no need to update as nothing had changed of any significance


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