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inner child connection through bioresonance

I would just like for you, Kiran, and all who created and shared in this technology to know that it has been the best tutor, and counselor, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical block extinguisher that I have experienced.  I am in dedication to the Divine Plan and feel that the CoRe and my experience utilizing it, will assist in all others that are also affecting the paradym shift in holistic consciousness for our beautiful planet’s evolution into peace.  Thank you all for your abundant contribution to this effort that we are all participating in now.  Namaste Julie

&  Some thoughts by Marco Paulo in Portugal who has over 200 clients a day :


The laeser is a connection. It makes you feel yourself and open your eyes for the world and life around you.

It makes you feel one with life around you and reconnect with your inner child.

One thing everyone experienced is that at the end of the day ,coincindently, everything is okay… that kind of feeling. A feeling of peace.


I think that the laeser in fact reconects with your inner child it brings your true feelings and emotional side up and allows the mind to become secondary in the day to day life.


Suddenly your are feeling life with your heart in peace with what surrounds you instead of having your mind saying :”I hate my life my job my neighbours my car my shoes my wife…” the sense that all of that is secondary and that in the end everything will be ok.

You will feel everything more intense more strong but knowing that everything is part of something bigger and everything will be ok.


I’m treating people with both machines and the results are amazing.

So yes I agree tottally with you. People that are conected to what surrounds them through their feelings un-attached with no peace because they have a hole between what they feel and what they think and see, (most of the people) are those with strong results.

We are bringing light hope peace and feelings into people’s lives and making the only true Rule of God: “Be Happy and enjoy Life”



Bioresonance LaesEr therapy – to quiet the mind and create content-ness feedback

See the change that one participant goes through with one LaesEr Bioresoance system — from first being very inquisitive, mental and challenging to being content, inward and quiet — describing it as “successful self-hypnosis”. The tool for challenging, autistic, attention deficit children and adults to an inward connection




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