How to modulate remedy substrates with Patient-Eigen-frequencies and/or selected healing frequencies

I am a neurologist and everyday meet many patients with headache. I have a 
Chinese herbs mixture which has detox function in general. Some patients with headache should take these herbs for at least three days then they will recovery. But I now just put herbs powder into a small bottle then put it into the BBR chamber and then I just run the device 22 minutes with  standard mode of therapy as you showed on the net. 
Great efficacy  just one time their headache were gone. One of them was virus meningitis sever headache and slight fever for a week. Ok the same, just one time she got recovery. 
Now recent weeks I found if I combine the NAET. Put the positive vials inside BBR chamber then run the therapy mode. Marvels ! one of my patients who suffered breast cancer and already transfer her brain.  I put her biopsy tissue sample into the chamber then run the therapy mode as before. Ten days later her brain CT show intracrainal oedema disappear. I am so excited !
Thank you Kiran ! how you develop this wonderful devices! 
Dr. Yu Wen

Healingpower Plus Health Temple
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In this video I show how to do it and also explain the basis of remedy creation with the Bioresonance-LaesEr magnetic field generator :

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  1. I don’t understand.
    Kiran, you show us how to modulate remedy substrates with Patient-Eigen-frequencies and/or selected healing frequencies. But Dr Yu is talking about treating the patient by putting an already existing remedy ( biopsy tissue sample) in the chamber and then run the therapy mode.
    Is it possible to treat the patient with an existing remedy ( herbs or salivas) as Dr Yu did?


    • Hello Kent

      The concept of Patient-Eigen-Frequencies is the essence of Homeopathy in the Energy field. Homeopathy has many variations of this same principle in Nosodes, Sarcodes and Isodes. It has been observed in Homeopathy that Isodes are not the most effective way to treat – that means to take something directly from the patient you want to treat, potentize it and then re-apply it. Physics tells us that for any interference to occur, one that creates a resulting wave-field that has much longer wave-length, you need to overlay two frequencies that have a small difference, the smaller the difference the greater the wavelength of the resulting interference wave – with identical waves this is not possible and that is what you get with Isodes. So with the Bio-LaesEr you have the possibility to add this little difference in modulation either to Eigen-frequencies or to body tissues before re-applying them and this explains its fantastic effectiveness.


      • Hi Kiran, I understand Kent question but not the answer 😉
        Anyway, if I put a paracetamol tablet in the magnetic chamber of the LaesEr and use the usual settings you describe to imprint a substrate, will that pass the paracetamol info and effects to the client?

        Kiran : here and in all that follows I give you my “guess” based on my understanding and verifications of the law of information in healing – to find out “in fact” you need to try an to compare and please let us all know – first I do not think we want to add the information of “paracetamol” to the information delivered to the client

        I have an other question: If you can afford, can you just have the substrate made of pure colloidal silver (no alcohol) and take few drops under the tongue for few days, at different time during the day?

        Kiran: just add a few drops to alcohol – quantity is no factor in informational medicine

        Something else: When informing a substrate along with the client during a CoRe treatment using the BBR, is it best to keep the content of the session very focused on one symptom or it’s also valuable to inform the client and substrate with the various issues that the CoRe could have found during the evaluation?
        In other words, can we imprint a substrate with a mix of information concerning the client, i.e. strong headache – abusive father – abusive husband – poor self-esteem – scattered personality, that are all related, or is it best to inform the substrate simply with all the frequencies CoRe has evaluated just for the headache issue only and look at the roots of the issue at a later stage in an other session?

        Kiran : certainly Information gets more effective the more you reduce it to as few as possible issues

        BBR has a lot of possibilities like the one described in the Manual page 607 2012 edition, where bypassing the Ref (ground) in the foot plate and putting the 2 feet on one footplate connected to the Body Signal input with 2 electrodes in Ch1 and Ch2, will amplify the signal enormously that you don’t need to put the amplification on 10 or 100, 1 will do very well. Have you tried that Kiran?
        What is this Ref used for if the LaesEr is not grounded electrically? Gosh, I wish I could have study better physic when young!
        Thank you

        You will not need much amplification with this setup as the body becomes very resonant – please these this post I made thanks to your input

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