Can I select single frequencies in the Dual Frequency Therapy module?


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Question: Hi Sonia, I have a few questions about the frequency program, can I pick single frequencies from it like 427 K , I have been getting into Hulda Clark a bit. And the one I have is only for specific problems and doesn’t let you pick frequencies, right? As usual, thank you so much for your time. Much love, Anne

Answer:  Hi Anne, The Frequency Program finds resonant frequencies according the pattern of the client, so they are specific to the client. You can’t pick the frequencies, the CoRe algorithm does that. You just need to scan for resonant settings as far as wave and frequency ranges and then broadcast.

The Single Frequency program is based on the research of Raymond Rife and Hulda Clark and it is disease specific, so it gives pre-programmed frequencies for specific diseases. HOWEVER, because you can select various groups of frequencies, for example: all the frequencies for Shingles, CoRe will analyze them all and give you the top 10 resonant frequencies for that client based on the pre-programmed frequencies for Shingles that you have in the software. So, with CoRe you have an advantage over only using a simple RIFE machine, it will test for the most useful frequencies for that person although it is using pre-programmed frequencies.

The Dual Frequency Therapy program is completely resonant and specific to the client and the way they are experiencing a particular condition, so this program is truly holistic.


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