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Dear Kiran,

I would like to thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart for making CoRe 6 and everything associated with it possible! When I first looked at CoRe 6, I was really amazed at all its possibilities and the greatness of it all. Actually, flabbergasted is a better word! I was so overwhelmed that I only took a quick look and then I went to sit down on the sofa… with a feeling of utter thankfulness that I am allowed to work with such an advanced, spiritual, magical and very important means to get the necessary information of a client for his/her healing. Then I started crying because it touched my soul, and I felt deeply humble.

Warm regards,



Please first of all make sure you have the latest update as we are adding one almost daily

today Saturday 7/24 we are already at built 373 – please go to


for the download


1. Is the “Session name” an evaluated statement?

NO different then the Filter it is not part of the evaluation. The same is the case with “issue”  which is simply a way to organize sessions – in the session screen all sessions performed under the same Issue are listed under this heading – also this will allow us to study the result of all sessions performed for the same issue


2. Carrier Frequency – what is the frequency range for this.

IN the Autocommunication and EMDR panel carrier frequency and range are selected automatically – in the Dual Frequency Screen you can choose the range depending on the hardware that you have available up to 12 Milllion Hertz


3. Client situation in his own works – is this included in what is evaluated?

Not it is not but it will help you to press the right buttons if you make a deeper connection to the client and know what is really his issue

Dont believe CoRe is doing it all – or anything you do with CoRe would not in some way effect the evaluation


4. The session indicators that are with the photo’s – are they included in what is evaluated?

Please do not devide the world in the old way of what the “Machine is doinng and what the Operator is doing”

Yes CoRe uses the picture information – but more importantly if you add a picture and make the effort associated with this – it will improve the outcome.


5. Session notes.  Can we add these when we SELECT CLIENT at the beginning of a consultation.

Yes you can add this at any time


6. Auto communicate.  I cannot follow what is happening here.  How long is each resonance communicated for, seems to vary

EACH communication for each client for which an Autocommunication is set up – goes through all the resonances in the report – after this the

next client is called and so on as llong as the computer is on and the CoRe program is started

7. If the program is closed and restarted where in the cycle does the autocommunication restart.

Yes it starts at the beginning but that is not an issue as every client is called many times within a short time

and you see the total time communicated for a given cleint in the top panel of the autocommunication screen

8. Can a person have more than one auto communication running.



9. Frequency Therapy  – Could you please make a post explaining phase difference.

The Phase differnce in sound and possibly light that is received by our senses is a major factor that allows our orientation and

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17348524 the coordinated working of the right and left brain – but no details are known until now – so for now just experiment yourself

10. I had a question about that – how long are the sessions kept on the Virtual Doctor site and who deletes or sets the time for them to be online? Are they downloadable or they can only be used when accessing the site in real time?  Answer : the Therapist can delete them or the client – otherwise they are kept at least one year, the are not downloadable as you can send reports and Frequency recordings to the client via e-mail.

11. Can Frequency recordings that are uploaded to the virtual doctor site be also listened to off-line ? Answer : yes the recording is stored under C:\My Documents\InergetixCoRe\V6\Client Data\CLIENT NAME\Frequency Recordings and can from there be loaded on a MP3 player, listened-to on the computer itself or send via e-mail.


and stop trusting that somebody has all the answers. CoRe also here finds the most resonant Phase-difference automatically

but please take the liberty to make your own choices and experiment – this is the way I create everything.

Being open and able to experiment and find out for yourself is an aspect ot DLE


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Inergetix Founder Born on 1962 in Stuttgart/Germany, Founding of the Instrument Systems Corp Munich.


  1. charlotte lee weinreb on

    Dear Kirian,
    First of all I would like  to tell you how grateful I am that  you invented the core system.
    I never posted a comment yet, although I am already using the core for several years, and have traeted over 400 patient with it ,with amazing results.
    I almost don't dare to tell you, that I   liked the Core  4 the best and it was hard for me to get used to the Core 5, but finally I managed to work with it and here comes Core 6!!
    It is amazing how good it is and I have no words to express my admiration.
    There is one thing however, with wich I have a very big problem, and that is the fact  that when you treat someone those "spiritual forces" are coming on the screen.
    As I am jewish and 90% of my patients are, I won't be able to use the Core 6  if I cannot take this off.
    When you press delete it goes away for a few seconds and than comes back.
    I agree with you that there is a higher Force, which helps us and without that help we would not manage anything,but for me (and most of my patients) that higher Force is G'd, and I cannot let other spirital forces interfere in my treatment.
    I hope that you understand me and don' feel insulted, because this is just a personal issue.
    I hope you will be able to help me and thank you in advance ,

    Kiran’s reply :

    Dear Charlotte

    thank you for your appreciative words – I tell you it does very well – because in the majority of cases I only get the problems – and just with you who has
    400 patients so do another 2000 CoRe therapists – and all say that they have amazing healing stories

    but on this Forum I almost see none – its so easy to take your cellphone and record a testimonial and send it to us – even without names and faces this would
    be very inspiring for many people.

    And regarding your little issue that you do not want saints to show up in your communication that are not part of your tradition – you have my complete
    support – I do not follow the contemporary New Age believe that “Openness = Non-commitment” nothing is more destructive in keeping a dedicated line of
    communication open to the world of invisible help then “non-commitment”

    Therefore we included the possibility that you go to File/options/communication groups/light-over-darkness and select the tradition of saints that you want
    to include – you can just un-select all – or send us a list of Jewish saints as we could not find any and this might not even be a concept in Jewish tradition as
    it was not in my protestant upbringing (maybe for you it is a list of Angels – anyway your help would be appreciated)


    Yes, really great!  And that's an understatement!
    Thanks so much for all your work, Kiran, and to let us develop our skills through Core6…
    Magic, joy, and so much relevance!
    see you soon,

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