Hello Sonia,
Thank you for your advice last night. Kiran’s new portable BEaMEr looks most interesting but I am wondering if I would be able to use it as I am extremely electro sensitive. I notice that in the disclaimer the HN is not advised for people with electromagnetic sensitivity and I wonder about the BEaMEr. I have my house well protected with Bio Protective systems from Bauer Biotec but do suffer from Wi-Fi and other peoples mobile phones when I go out, especially if I forget to carry my Green 8 for the phones. I also suffer from water running under my house in the area where I do not have a transformer. The CoRe Inergetix, sending information to my body, certainly helps me but I have not found anything to cure my sensitivities. There are some other therapies which I find I have to be careful how much I use them. I would be grateful for Kiran’s advice on this matter.
Kind regards
Kiran’s comment :
Dear J.  Yes we cannot say if using Rife, TENS or any other electric frequency therapy is good for everyone with electro sensitivity. However for quite a few people it will be the solution based on the Homeopathic principle – Like cures Like.
So we have to leave it up to your own responsibility if you want to try.
However in almost all cases elctro sensitivity is limited to high frequencies like Wifi, TV and Handy radiation which does not
apply to any of our products which are all relatively low frequency
but if you think even this is an issue for you, the BEaMEr allows you to switch the electric output off and only run Light, Infrared, Magnetic and/or scalar energy
2. I have the HRV module in my LaEser, including the software, do I need to order?
Yes you need to order the Heartpath module if he wants to use it with the BEaMEr
the price is not really for the software or the 2 cable but to cover our
development cost for the hardware that does this with the BEaMEr – but it is a great investment
as this does not only allow you to do the EKG and Heart Rate Variability tests as with the
LaesEr but also allows to determine the best frequency program for the client – automatically
after the heart beat pattern is recorded – also this pattern can then be used simultaniously for treatment
 3. I also have the full set of steel electrodes, wrist electrodes, and mat, can I skip this module?
     Then you only need to order the HDMI Wellnesscenter adapter (see section 4 on the product page)
4. What is the Electro Magnetic Frq range of the Beamer?

Frequency ranges : (every range is scanned for 1 min with the increments listed below, the lowest yellow LED indicates range 1 and the uppermost green LED the range 10 accordingly(
1      o.1 Hz  symetric cycles of 10 sec  1.5 kHz bursts (lowest yellow LED)
2      0.5 Hz  symetric cycles of 5 sec  1.5 kHz bursts
3      1 Hz  symetric cycles of 1 sec  1.5 kHz bursts
4     5 – 9 Hz  step o.1 Hz — the Schuhmann window
5    9 -150 Hz step 1Hz
6    150-750 step 1Hz
7    750-1500 step 10Hz
8    1500-2500 step 10Hz
9    2.5-25kHz step 100Hz
10  25-250 kHz step 100Hz (uppermost green LED)


5. Is it a biofeedback device?

With the the Electrocardiogram cable and the Sensor attached the Heartbeat can be transformed in realtime on Channel 1 into TENS, Light and Magnetism (as well as Scalar energy if the INV mose is set)

If addtionally Channel2 is set to CH1 the Heartbeat signal is running on both channels


6. What are the therapy programs in the device?

There are 10 x10 = 100 frequency programs that can either be selected manually or with CoRe algorythm automatically

or can be selected from a list of over 1000 indications


7. Is it same as Beck or Hulda Clark devices?

No, these are just very simple electric frequency generators. They come under dozens of different names like Parazapper, Terminator Zapper, Best Zapper or Clark Zapper. They do only have a single or a few frequencies, no feedback loop, no magnetic, light or laser output.

Zapper have been very effective for numerous health issues, thy them first – they are usually very cheap – but if they dont work for you get the BEaMEr its a totally different device and philosophy.


8. How are Frequencies selected ?

You can either select time tested sets of frequencies from 50 years of experimental Rife-Crane work according to your disease name and then load these frequencies onto the BEaMEr.

OR and this is unique and to our  experience way superior you can record the Heartbeat of the client and then have the BEaMEr analyze it and find the appropriate Frequency program based on the Heartbeat pattern. The ancient Chinese method of pulse evaluation now with modern technology and statistical science.


9. I work with the system S2 advanced CoRe System, I can directly record up to 10 different programs without the Quantum Doctor? Can I use Beamer to a family of 4 people and give each one its own program?

you can simply select one, several or all of 10 Frequency generator ranges per channel which gives you 10 Exp 10 combinations – which is an astronomical number and can be done within about 10 seconds


10. When you say:”however much more important you can record this pattern and have it used as frequency therapy as electic, magnetic, visible and infrared light as well as scalar energy”, do you mean that you can use it as a bio-resonance? If so what are the differences with the system BBR?

yes the BEaMEr is very similar to the Bioresonance-LaesEr, simply because it is the result of all the success we had with the Bio-LaesEr and I wanted to make this accessible for more people because of its lower price. So yes there are many similarities but there are certainly some key advantages of the Bio-LaesEr in its much greater sensitivity. The BEaMEr is tuned only on the frequence window of the haeartbeat for recording and conversion into electric, magnetic, light and Infraed Laser energy but it cannot pick up the much larger frequency spectrum of the Bio-LaesEr that makes it even possible to demonstrate the human biofield and use its frequencies for therapy.


11. in reference to “6. PROG — is programing the BEaMEr with a set of parameters that is Indication (disease) specific
using the QuantumDoctor program the Program number between 1-10 is provided for a selected Indication”‘ll ask: is it possible to program the beamer (programs 1 to 10) without the QuantumDoctor but with an evaluation carried out with C2 CoRe System? If it is possible how do you proceed?

this is not useful because if you have the CoRe System you have a much more detailed way to generate client specific frequency files by using the Frequency part of the program – http://energetic-medicine.com/harmonic-dle-rife-biofeedback/

just plugging the BEaMEr on the headphone output of your PC you record the frequencies for this client


12.  I want to confirm whether patients with the following health issues can use the CoRe Therapy programs:

1) a liver transplant 2) stent in heart 3) kidney dialysis ?

how should I know – to determine this we would need to put at least 10 people with Liver transplant on the CoRe and if one dies or has severe reactions – we should not recommend it – but then maybe the eleventh person using it dies – most likely because he anyway had a fatal condition .
Modern medicine give you the impression that they know what is OK and what not – but they kill more than any medicine before.
I have never seen any severe side-effects with any of our devices – but I know it can happen and I know for sure there are many people  out there that just want to make a profit, sueing you for some invented side-effects.
That is why at any surgery, they let you sign that you take all the responsibility – strangely for something that you have no idea about how dangerous it is – but they make you take the responsibility for something they studied to do – like an electrician having you sign that the work he does is save !
I am very sick about this state of affairs in modern medicine and socienty – but we have to live with this and have every one of our clients sign the disclaimer that we offer and then we had not one problem in 10 years.
On the contrary someone asked me if he can use the LED goggles although he has Epilepsie and the standard idea is that blinking lights will  trigger epilepsie – so I told him I dont believe in all these generalized ideas but he has to see if he wants to take the challenge – and he did – and  got permanently cured of epilepsie.
This is for me a simple example that in many cases our dependence on security and the believe in authority is making and keeping us sick – not the opposite.
13. If the BEaMEr suffers a blows, what happens ? If it falls on the ground can create malfunctions ?  Where and how it is done hardware support?
A) If you drop the BEaMEr from 2m height we have not seen any damage.
B) It is encapsulated in a solid piece of plastic so it is much more durable than an iphone.
C) If the BEaMEr breaks in the first year you get a 100% exchange free of charge
D) If it breaks in the second year we charge a maximum of 50% of the new price.
E) Support comes from California and Germany
14.  My patients keep pushing me to record the disease specific frequencies for their Beamers.

I would like to wait until they get ore familiar with the Beamer and finally start feeling the frequencies – I see it like recharging their batteries first before we go into more specific treatments.

Yes, for me the number one improvement of the BEaMEr is that you can treat 24/7 with 4 different forms of energy – what you are doing and you will see results

– just as you say and I agree – first Recharge the batteries
 the next important factor is to give client specific frequencies and this you can do with the BEaMEr better than with the CoRe software but similar to  the Bio-LaesEr through first recording the electric frequencies of the Client and then have the
BEaMEr select the appropriate Program
15. Can I turn on the Infrared LED to make them visible ?
The Infrared LED are on by default if you did not switch them off – but IR our eyes cannot see – so there is no way to make it visible other than with an IR camera but your skin registers it and gets warm – I cured my ear pain form the water that
had come in while diving by just putting the BEaMEr right on my ears
16. I am a Naturopath and Acupuncturist and work in my own clinic in Nova Scotia, Canada for the last 11 year Before that I was working as a HEILPRAKTIKER in Germany/ Dortmund.I have been using CORE INERGETIX since 2005 – before that I worked with OBERON from Russia. I have ordered 8 Beamers and have convinced a lot more people to buy one. Waiting for my shipping coming in today, Nov 4th before I order more.I would also like my patients to write a monthly report how they do with the Beamer and their CANCER, MS, FIBROMYALGIA, CHRONIC PAIN …ect.I really like your inventions. They make lots of se
17. I was very impressed with IR treatment – what is the power and wavelength of the integrated 2 Infrared Lasers ?850nm wavelenght and 0.1mW power (this sounds little but because it being Laser-radiation it is more powerful on the skin and goes deeper than a 100 W IR lamp)Laser diode for Infrared biofeedback bioresonance treatment16. When we wear the Beamer with factory setting does the Beamer sense which frequencies our body needs to have treated?

No, only when you have recorded the Heartpattern first – its comparable to the Chinese pulse diagnosis – but here it is much more complex as the recorded electric pattern does not only contain the ECG but all other electric field components as well.
17. When I record the patient frequencies – is the patient only treated with the recorded ones?
No, when you then run the CoRe program, the BEaMEr does Eigen-Frequency-Therapy with the recorded electric pattern on one channel and on the other a complementary frequency spectrum is generated via the CoRe algorithm.
18. From my CORE5 unit which frequencies do I record? Biofeedback? Resonant Frequencies? Or Disease specific Frequencies?
This depends on you, if you are a believer in treating “Disease names” rather than people you use the Disease specific Frequency mode otherwise you just press the Scan button and let the CoRe system determine the most resonant mode and settings.
19. BEaMEr is your new product? Since I already bought CoRe6.0 and BBR, can the BEaMEr give any other effect or help for me? I have the motion to buy it. what is the price of it?
The main difference of the BEaMEr that has a completely new healing potential is the fact that you can use it 24/7 exactly at the point where you need it
20.  TENS therapy is generally accepted to be current delivered at Millivolts. Millivolt current has the capacity to cause involuntary muscle contraction.  I have found MicroCurrent or MicroAmperage to be less disruptive to the body’s various systems. It will not cause unintended muscle contraction and in most cases is actually non-sensible. However, it is closer in nature to the level and type of current that is generated and utilized at the cellular level.  Does the BEaMEr deliver Milliamperage or Microamperage?
I f micro or milliamps flow does simply follow Ohms law it is not a device characteristic
U = R * I   if your skin resistance is low or the voltage higher you can have any amperage flowing
with this technology you create resonant frequencies and you have muscle contractions even at 1 Volt
you cannot compare this to all the muscle exercisers that work with 50 or more volt
 it has a direct influence on the body control mechanism – what happens when you have a resonant frequency the resistance goes down and then the amperage up accordingly
21. How can you record different inputs on ch 1 and ch 2?

With the BEaMEr just with any other  recording device both channels are recorded at the same time
if you have a MONO signal at the input you will have  the same signal on both channels – for example if you use music
you have a stereo signal – but also if you have the CoRe system and not an ordinary frequency generator you can
select 5 DUAL FREQUENCY INTERFERENCE http://energetic-medicine.com/harmonic-dle-rife-biofeedback/ and the output will be stereo


22. If you have recording on ch 1, then to use scalar, do you need only toset ch 2 to INV or do you need to have the same recording already on ch 2 as well as on ch 1?

If you set Ch 2 to INV it will invert what you have on Ch 1 and it does not matter what is recorded in Ch 2


23) Am I correct to set-up  BIORESONANCE  FUNCTION  in this way ?
A) amplification 6 Volt (based on customer needs)
B) continued mode (based on customer needs)
C) Channel 1 = HB
D) Channel 2 = CH1
E) Energy = Tens. IR.VIS. Magnetic (based on customer needs)
Then connect the Heart sensor to a finger of the customer.
Everything remains as scheduled and the customer will only turn on and off the beamer to make Bioresonance therapy at his own home? is that correct?

Kiran : Yes this is correct – when turning off and on again the last settings of the BEaMEr are restored – so no need to make these settings again


24) If I connect headphones output with MP3 or computer can combine the Bioresonance frequencies, or sounds or statements etc that come directly from MP3 or Computer? I always keep the same setting as described above Beamer?

Kiran: Real time mixing of Bioresonance signals and external audio signals is not possible – we keep this function unique for the Bioresonance-LaesEr


25) Can connect headphones and LED glasses ?

Kiran : you cannot connect headphones to the BEaMEr as with the Bioresonance-LaesEr and for connecting LED glasses

you need the special one with HDMI plug


26) Is this the correct way to record CoRE SYSTEM FREQUENCY ?

Connect the audio cable to the headphone output of the computer (for frequencies found with CoRe System) or pulse sensor connected to the little finger or MP3
I press both buttons at the same time for several seconds the yellow LED will start blinking after about 30 seconds, a green LED starts to flash, boot the computer or play MP3 and register up to a maximum of 8 minutes.

Kiran : Yes correct this is the way to record external audio signals – it does not matter how you set any of the settings, if an audio signal is connected it takes presedence and is imeadiately transformed by the BEaMEr into all the energy forms selected OR recorded once the RECORD function is set

but if you want to record the Heartbeat or other Bioresonance signals you have to set as specified under point 23 and then start the RECORD funcrtion


27) After the treatment I turn off the Beamer is the  recording  saved in one of 10 programs?

Kiran: You can record only memories in R1 and R2 – the 10 programs are factory programmed and cannot be changed.
28) What is the fuction of the associated BEAMER SOFTWARE (section 1.2 in the produce section). Do I need this software to operate the Beamer correctly? What are its functions?

Kiran : this software will be launched within the next 2 weeks. Besides many other things you can do Electrocardiogram and Heartratevariability measurement and display as with the Bioresonance-LaesEr . This software will be free for all BEaMEr owners





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