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BUT being it Brazil – we will spend the day at the beach and only the evening for talk

…. and in case I am still awake I will talk about the following :

Bio-LaesER  technology towards Eigen-resonance, health and spiritual evolution

According to most spiritual traditions health and happiness are based on a spiritual connection. What was and is generally assumed by all these ancient traditions is that the seeker already has a solid sense of his own Self that can be acting as the receiver of this divine influence.

In fact, our cultures have deteriorated over the last centuries very much in their ability to create a healthy self-awareness by the overemphasis of external goods and information. As a result the majority today feels insecure and because of that mistakenly attempts to fill the sense of emptiness with the pursuit of titles, public or family recognition, wealth, work to such a degree that all has become the character of a drug, career, media, vanity, sex and not at last substance drugs.

Any child starts instinctively to create a self-feedback, called Eigen-resonance, by putting the thumb in the mouth, singing or talking to himself or playing with his body parts and cuddling himself. As adults we are taught this is not appropriate and we fill the gap with replacement self-feedback mechanisms as in smoking and over-eating.

The Bio-LaesEr stands for Bioresonance-Life-Amplification by Energy Stimulated Eigen Resonance, different than traditional Bioresonance, it feeds back body-own frequencies in a measurable and sensible way in the form of light, sound, electricity, laser and magnetic frequencies. This way creates a sensible re-connective healing through self-experience which is the basis of a healthy Sense of Self that eventually is the basis for further spiritual evolution and God-realization.

This device will be shown during the presentation in practice and its theoretical background explained.


This is a great chance to also see John of God as he is in the same week in the same area

Casa Sul in Tres Coroas – RS, on 21st, 22nd e 23rd April 2012 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday)


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