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HEALTH INTEGRATOR – “The whole world of Energy Medicine in one handy device”

The short economic downturn in 2009 and the sudden turn into a boom in 2010 has created an immense shortness of key electronic components which made us wait until we could assemble the first 100 Health Integrator – but now it is for certain – in January we will send out the first 100 . And for all those who had to wait so long or who decide to order before the end of the year we want to include in the original price one medical power supply at a value of 120 Euro and one of our new (once available in March) revolutionary conducting foot-mats (a 80 Euro value) for free

AND we have use the time well the Health INTEGRATOR contains now on top of the other functions also a LASER light source with carrier frequency of 1 Mega Hertz


Treat Visible and Infrared Light therapy with flexible LED applicator that takes the form of your skin – work with 2 magnetic field applicators at the same time, use TENS applicators

Hard to believe but this includes :

2 Handelectrodes, made of medical grade stainless steel

Software that allows to select from more than 1000 indications, time tested sets of frequencies, that are generated by your computer in real time

Starter library of wav files for download onto your mp3 player or cell phone to drive the Health Integrator

You can add a dozens of different applicators and even connect it to the CoRe software that is the only one of its kind, able to reproducibly determine client specific frequencies

All this with dual channel technology that creates the energetic interference which make the difference and explains why 14 V with the Health Integrator feel like 100 V on an ordinary TENS

or how about just connect it to your Ipod and turn music to light, electric or magnetic healing impulses – if you want with the possibility to run it on batteries –

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