Health Navigator conductive fabric electrodes


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Pad applicator with pure silver conductive fabric




Until recently electrodes where either made of plastic that needed conductive gel to make good contact or metal plates that did not mold to the body contour and were cumbersome to carry.

At Health Navigator we made a step towards improvement also in this area and to offer pads and bands to apply or to measure electric signals that use as conductive material – an innovative fabric that uses silver threat from Germany. It is machine washable and adjustable with a Velcro lock – it has a superior conductivity as it molds perfectly to the body contour.






Pad-applicator and white washable back



This pad can be used for measuring or feeding electricity to the feet, to the hand or any part of the body where it is applied. It has been found most useful to connect the feet with the REF output of the Health Integrator or Health Navigator as it is our grounding point with the earth and many meridians end or begin here, so it is a natural point to connect to the human energy system.





The forehead is another natural point for reading energies. Different then traditional EEG measurements the CoRe system goes one step further it allows to also apply frequencies that are found by the informational part of the system or even feedback resonant Eigen-frequencies measured with the LaesEr Bioresonance system. The effects are stunning – to say the least. It is descriptive of modern day medicine that until today a very powerful tool – Electro encephalography and Electro-cardiography was exclusively used for diagnostic purposes where the therapy was limited to drug-therapy instead of making the natural step to also take the measured signal for therapy. This is now possible with the new conductive applicators together with the CoRe system and soon the LaesEr Bioresoance system.




Typically CoRe and all other system used antistatic wrist-straps – for cost and availability reasons.




typical anti-static wrist straps used in Quantum-devices until now




These wrist bands would cost only a few dollars at Radio Shack but did not make proper contact as most devices anyway used it only to impress clients with electric measurement that in fact did not happen at all. Especially with the LaesEr Bioresoance system that was not tolerable anymore as it is so sensitive that it can pick up, display and apply the cardiogram with very fine electric frequency details if connected properly.




Wrist applicator




Note : Please keep the fabric out of the reach of your cats and do not touch the fabric with the hook-side of the Velcro strap as it is very finely woven. Also please only use warm water for machine or hand wash. Also please specify if you want to use any of the applicators with the Health Navigator that does not have the color-spectrum on the front-panel so we can send you the appropriate adapter with every applicator.



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