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Helga Pizzera

Hi Kiran,
In my files here in Nova Scotia I have about 2500 patients. Many live far away and drive 2 to 4 hours to come to see me. I see people with many different diseases – lately lots with cancer because of the high success rate I have with the CORE and now the BEaMEr.
Remember the case about Baby STELLA who was born with a 15cm big brain tumor (GLIOBLASTOMA) – the CORE shrunk the tumor in 2 month completely – her dad held the electrodes on the tumor once a week for 15 minutes…
I got interested in energy healing and frequency treatments back in Germany many years ago when my 2 boys where small and they developed chronic neurodermatitis. I tried to treat them with homeopathy and changing the diet – nothing worked. I read an article about BIORESONANCE treatment being an option to treat eczema.
In our town Luenen (outside Dortmund) I found a dentist who just bought a Bioresonance device. The boys held the gold plated brass electrodes (balls) for 10 minutes in their hands once a week – six weeks in a row. Nothing happened while they had their treatments – they still had eczema from head to toe. But after the treatments where finished the healing started and in no time they had a completely new skin – all the eczema disappeared and never came back again.
After a couple of years I could afford my own Bioresonance device in Germany and mainly treated people with allergies and eczema very successfully. The old machines worked without a computer setup.
When I came to Canada I bought an OBERON device from Russia which worked great – but just for a couple of month. I could supply the 220 Volt the machine worked on – but not the Hertz difference in Canada.
This was the time in December of 2005 when I bought the first CORE INERGETIX 4.0 and was fascinated from the beginning.
I bought another 18 BEaMEr in the last 2 month – all the Beamers are working very well.
So far our experiences:
1. 72 year old gentleman: Blood pressure dropped from 185 to 135 in 3 days and stays low.
2. My cleaning lady could not wash my floors because of terrible shoulder pain. I put my Beamer in her bra strap
and she was pain free in 10 minutes – and could wash all my floors.
3. 71 year old mal: Frustrating prostate problems like pain when urinating, dribbling – could not hold urine very well and night time problems cleared up in 3 days with the Beamer (in his underwear).
4. 60 year old female: Stage 4 colon cancer which spread to the ovaries with terrible abdominal pain: pain gone in 3 days
with the Beamer (in her underwear).
5. 50 year old mal: stage 4 rectal cancer: pain gone in 3 days with the Beamer on the lower back (in his underwear).
Kiran, we need more Beamers sooner!
Lova and Light
Lakeview Naturopathic clinic Canada Helga Pizzera
Dr Helga Maria Pizzera
Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist
89 Lakeview Circle
Conquerall Mills, Nova Scotia, Canada
B4V 6A9
tel 902 530 2858
I had to send some pictures from the lake since the clinic is on a peninsula on Fancey Lake.
You also see the clinic entrance.
I was born in Austria where I went to school and later I got  Master’s degree in Sports Science and German language at the University in Graz.
I have lived in Germany for 12 years where I got my training in Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture.
I always had my own clinic, but I was a teacher in different High Schools and different countries as well.
I have dual citizenship: Austrian and Canadian.
I have one daughter and two sons as well as one grandson in Cologne (Germany), London (England) and in Ontario (Canada).
Natural Medicine has always fascinated me – I started to study acupuncture when I was 16, all my herbal training I got from my mom in Austria.

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