Homeopathic Rife plasma therapy


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Homeopathic Rife plasma therapy

Royal Rife was deeply influenced by the Allopathic healing philosophy of the 20th century. The success of Anti-biotics, anti-histamin, anti-pruritic, anti-diuretic, anti-hypertensive …. had a great part in this believe that in order to heal something had to be eradicated, killed, or at least controlled or fixed.

Rife came-up with the concept of MOR the Mortal Oscillatory Rate frequency that was in his eyes the reason why he had so much success in curing disease through irradiation of the person with electromagnetic frequencies.

However it is becoming clear that the 21st century will be the century were we learn that not so much “anti” but the principle of “support” and “re-confirmation” is the way to heal not only on a physical health level but also on a mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental and global level.

Apart from this philosophical argument it is also obvious that Rife’s idea of a MOR is not a trustworthy explanation for the success of treating with electromagnetic energies, as his techniques also heal in the case of hundreds of diseases that are not caused by any microbes or other living organisms that could be killed. Even in the case of bacterial or virus related diseases there does not exist just one MOR that would be effective as a specific antibiotic but there is a database of hundreds of frequencies that have worked for a given disease.

On the other hand, we can verify, without exception, that if we energize the essence of any organism be it a person, a company, family, ethnic group, nation we can see that resistance decreases, healing occurs, growth and transformation become possible.

However to facilitate the energy transfer we have to find the Eigen-frequency of this entity. This is described more in my posts about Eigen-Resonance or that of Dr Keith Scott-Mumby here http://www.informationenergymedicine-academy.com/eigen-resonance-methods-to-come-back-to-your-self/

Everyone will agree that if you have energy you see possibilities where before seemed to be only obstacles, if you have energy you feel young and balanced, you are not afraid of possible challenges, you can motivate others, you are happy and optimistic. Something analog happens on a physiological level, immunity is high, metabolic functions work well, and there is alertness and cooperation on a cellular level.

To find Eigen-resonance the approach has to be highly individualized and this will be the other key aspect of the 21st medicine, not only in an individualized media experience but also in the field of remedies and healing strategies.

The sun is a gigantic plasma generator and does exactly this for all live on our planet, only with one limitation “it is the same sun with the same frequency spectrum for everyone”. Now the CoRe Plasma generator together with the CoRe software determines the choice of modulation as well as carrier waves that are most resonant with the client and thus are able to energize the organism in the most effective way through Eigen-resonance and thus the body is made able to heal and protect itself.


PS: Also in the Plasma Generator itself you can observe Eigen-resonance as here in this standing plasma wave which is also the basis of all Lasers.

Standing wave rife plasma generator biofeedback




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