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Life and particularly growth is a constant alternation of processes that turn information into energy and back into information. Sprouting is a great example – a seed is exclusively potential energy in the form of information and chemical potential energy.

Pain, suffering, worry, anger, fear, unnecessary thinking, crying, screaming, blaming, explaining are all expressions of energy that often is associated with sickness that form largely a waste of energy. Sickness wants to facilitate a transformation of information, however as we either see it as as a defect of our body or an invasion of toxins or micro-organisms. In recent times it was also suggested that disease is a message that we need to decipher to know what we need to change. All generally creates plenty of fear or at least thinking that is wasting a good portion of this potential energy.

With this new addition CoRe finds coincidental informational pattern that are not supportive for this transformational process and communicates beneficial ones to replace them. As all other evaluations of CoRe it is not indicated to discuss these findings with the client – as this would always lead to a solidification of the condition. The true power of the CoRe communications process lies in the fact that it bye-passes mind-control mechanisms.

Yet another free update for you to download – this needs at least built 474 (imagine 474 individual updates since the release of version 6) – if you  want to check which built you are running click on HELP/about

to install this go to and download the latest built first and then and the Intent-database module :



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