Italy Inergetix System Course- April 2019


Dates: April 5 Milan and 11 Rome, 2019

Location:  Italy Milan and Rome


Milan Studio Medico Dott. Caddeo Via Arcivescovo Romili, 20/8

Rome Sede Bio-t Tecnologie per la Vita Via Alessio Baldovinetti, 81

Phone: 06 83086609 – 06 64522661 – 327 8566369 – Email:

The basic course Inergetix offers a complete training in the field of Energy and Informational Medicine. Characterized by an essentially practical approach, the basic course will not only allow you to acquire the primary notions of energy and information medicine, but will also give you the opportunity to learn about and test the numerous features of the Inergetix CoRe System in practice, providing you with the lines guide for correct use in daily practice.

The course is suitable for all doctors and therapists, who intend to evaluate the Inergetix CoRe system or simply interested in deepening the concept of energy and information medicine. In particular :

  • To general practitioners / specialized doctors who want to integrate their therapeutic practice for the evaluation and treatment of complex and above all chronic diseases
  • To the Homeopaths who want to find the simillimum of the person with a simple click
  • To Naturopaths who want to create personalized and specific remedies, by exploiting the rich database of natural medicine and flower essences available to Inergetix
  • To Physiotherapists / Massophysiotherapists / Osteopaths who want to support their manual treatment with the use of the device, thus offering the patient not only pain relief but also lasting support over time
  • To Psychologists / Psychiatrists / Psychotherapists who want to access the person’s information system in an easy and fast way, arriving at a mental release that is sometimes immediate
  • To holistic health and wellness operators who want more support in the treatment and physical / mental / emotional investigation of the person
  • To veterinarians who want to quickly obtain essential information for the analysis of the animal and the relationship with the owner
  • To Acupuncturists and Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) who, through specific modules, will be able to carry out a thorough evaluation of the meridians and acupuncture treatments without needles by means of a highly technological and precise tip. 


  • Speakers:

  • Keynote Speaker: Andrea Gadducci

Electronic engineer expert in Biomedical and in Quantum-biophysical Methods, Co-founder / CEO of Bio-T Tecnologie per la Vita

Italian Inergetix Symposium April 2019 Tentative AGENDA:

The course in Energy and Information Medicine is a mainly practical course and offers participants the opportunity to deepen their theoretical knowledge by means of a thorough and strictly scientific introduction to quantum medicine. Bystanders will be introduced progressively and through concrete examples of the use and functionality that Inergetix CoRe System offers. The course is structured, therefore, in two complementary sessions:

  1. teaching session: during which the basic concepts of energy, information and frequency are defined. An in-depth explanation follows on bioresonance and its possible therapeutic applications. Subsequently, the aspect of Man-Consciousness-Technology interaction is tackled, interconnected by the principles of quantum physics, going to investigate the effects of this combination in the therapeutic field. Everything is accompanied by scientific insights and publications as well as interesting and decades-long studies such as the well-known P.E.A.R. (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) of Princeton University.
  2. practical session: in this session the previously explained concepts will be tested by practically all the participants (volunteers) in order to better understand all the potential of Inergetix CoRe systems (Informational System IS, Frequency System FS and Bioresonance System BS). The fundamental aspect of this second part of the course consists precisely in the personal involvement of the participants, who in addition to testing and observing the numerous practical demonstrations, will have the opportunity to confront themselves with the other participants and to receive detailed information from biomedical engineers of our team.

The Inergetix-CoRe System is a “computer based” device that combines analysis and balancing on both the Informational and Energetic levels.
Inergetix-CoRe offers the only machine that combines Informational and Energy Medicine to find reproducibly client specific frequencies in a fast and efficient way.

Inergetix-CoRe is the world’s most advanced Informational and Energetic System on the market today.

See you there!

Andrea Gadducci!



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