Jewish symbol power added to the communication


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Dear Friends

due to several requests we have also added Jewish spiritual symbols to our Group “Forces of Light” – that you can optionally select for communication

and also after some struggle (for unknown reason) you can also now eliminate the graphical representation of “Darkness over light”

Andreas Lederman said in one e-mail to me “I really understand the concept behind this – but I simply do not have the time to explain this to everyone of my clients.

Yes, I understand Andreas – but there will be a time that people see that it is of key importance to explain to your clients not only what are good and bad foods – but more importantly what are “good and bad information” – which are the result of “darkness over light”

and then you see it displayed now in the communication screen

go to and click on “Version 6 update”

and download and install the latest built 454

and then download the Jewish Symbols under point 6





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