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Rife Bioresoance energy magnetic frequency therapyAfter 8 years of selling hundreds of CoRe system software and hardware components it is my wish to make the essence of this technology available to more people.

Towards  this purpose I created a software that you can download for free – the Matrix Navigator MN  HERE

When you have logged-in and then setup your account, you can start into a new world of healing.

Matrix Navigator account informationThe MN allows you in this initial phase to A) create audio files that contain all the frequencies that 50 years of Rife research have found useful for specific frequencies or alternatively B) generate Frequencies with the CoRe algorithm, that is client and moment specific.

Rife Bioresoance heart disease frequency therapy
The Rife list is completely edited based on our experience and I also compiled a group of frequencies that  50 years of applications have shown to be most frequently indicated. Therefore if your disease is not listed select this group “+Frequencies for general use+”.

To do this you have to be online as the main proprietary processes are run on a web-server, means attempting to de-compiling this software will just waste your time.

The frequency file that you generate will be stored on your computer and can be used as often as you wish.

This software cannot analyze your condition as the CoRe software as I strongly believe that this is something that always should involve a therapist – I do not follow the US philosophy of “do it all yourself” even “heal yourself”.

Applications with the BEaMEr

If you own a BEaMEr you can upload the generated frequency file to the device. Also running the CoRe algorithm frequency generator or the Rife generator will show the suggested BEaMEr program number in the right upper corner.

When you have entered the license code that came with your BEaMEr (if you did not get it please contact under the BEaMEr tap and then you  can start the new Electrocardiogram module.

Matrix Navigator Quantum Medicine Rife Radionics

Eigen-Frequency Electrocardiogram Bioresonance BiofeedbackI call it the Eigen-Frequency display as it is the most characteristic energetic fingerprint of a person. We have not realized how much the Heartbeat pattern can tell us about a client. The Chinese knew about its value and used it with pulse diagnosis but with this technology we have so many more means to view and analyze it. You see the average Beats per Minute BPM and the individual Heartbeat intervals in milliseconds below.

You can amplify the signal with the GAIN knob by hovering your mouse above it and while pressing the left button either moving your mouse up or down. Also the graph can be momentarily stopped, for better viewing, by pressing the FREEZE button.

You can record the data by pressing the REC button for 1-4 min and the see the count-down timer on the left of it. At the end you save it and can open this file with the HRV software which will then look like this :

Heart Rate Variability HRV ElectrocardiogramI will make a separate post about the value of Heartbeat variability evaluation.

Informational Therapy

Informational communication or “Radionic broadcast” as it has been called previously has been the heart of the CoRe system and has proven its value in hundreds of healing testimonials. Now you can use our advanced communication technology, simply by filling in a few details and adding a picture.

Informational radionic adjunct therapy for heart problemsAlso years of experience have shown me that this will only be successful if you make a clear statement how you will use the energy that was bound up in the disease, either by selecting one or several of the options or better entering your own formulation.

This service is very affordable and you see the current prices under MyAccountData/payment status, also you will get half of this amount back as credit if you carefully fill in the testimonial page.

Testimonial pageAnd best can get the same credit  by just making a 5 min video with your phone or camera (asking the client the questions on the form) and uploading it to your Youtube channel or converting it to mp4 format and e-mailing it to us.









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    It would be a big help for us to be able to understand clearly what we are talking about in the posts that you publish.
    There are, as in this post, the possibility of reading in French, Portuguese, Spanish, greek, Romanian and Hungarian, but not in Italian.
    Probably we are not so numerous as to merit a translation into Italian, but I assure you that those who, like me, it takes the ‘soul, would like very much.
    Thanks for the ‘opportunity to express my thoughts.
    Dr. Enrico Catalano

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      We do have these posts translated to several languages included Italian. You have to select it in the language options.
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