MedCam 2015 – V International Congress on Complementary and Alternative Medicines and Holistic Science. 8-9-10 May 2015 Bardolino (Lake of Garda)


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Preparations for MEDCAM 2015 are in full swing; the annual appointment with the International Congress of Non Conventional Medicine and Holistic Sciences is upon us. Now in its 5th edition, the Congress, to be held at the hotel Caesius Thermae & SPA **** in Bardolino ( in the beautiful setting of the Lake of Garda , from May 8 to May 10 – has raised great interest within the Scientific and Medical Community and among the Holistic Operators ( well – being ). The Congress is a unique opportunity to take part in a process of enrichment, comparison, listening, sharing, growth and openness. It represents an opportunity to share and contribute to the construction and development of an integrated therapeutic path – aware, social-oriented and sustainable – always revolving around the interest and care of individuals in their wholeness. The Scientific Programme, enhanced by the presence of Speakers of excellence, foresees in addition to the plenary sessions, the also the considerable “ Call for Abstract” session that will allow participants to present their research and methods by means of posters and oral dissertations, as well as the chance to take part in practical-demonstrative sessions.

The scientific rigor strongly desired by the Organization makes the event absolutely unique in Italy. Among other topics we would like to draw your attention on several subjects of particular interest such as: Nutrition in a preventive and predictive perspective, Nutrigenomics, Homotoxicology, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Hydro-colon therapy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Osteopathy, Integrated Medicine and Oncology, Anthroposophic medicine and Art therapy, Holism and Entanglement, Energy diagnosis, scientific Essentials of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics applied to modern medicine , Biology, Environmental and Clinic Medicine.

Among the principal themes of MEDCAM2015 there will be in-depth analyses on the role of Water (with focus debate and observations presented by researchers of CNR and ENEA ) and Nutrition considered as source of life and healing. MEDCAM2015 aims primarily at educating to Knowledge and Educating the Educator , trough comparison, in-depth analysis and the exchange of experiences.The Educator, intended as a guide to the person’s Health, is the one who operates in the Non-Conventional Medicine and Holistic Science and will have, on this occasion, the opportunity to bring added value to his/her professional community and to disseminate knowledge by stimulating a greater awareness in patients that need to be allowed to choose an effective integration to the healing resources.

Three days, sixty speakers, forty CFA sessions, practical-demonstrative sessions, presentation of innovative biotechnology in the medical field and endorsement by the Institutions in order to bring together in one place all themes and approaches related to NCM and Holistic Sciences considered with a multidisciplinary prospective with a view to integrate them to other sciences such as modern physics, quantum mechanics , neurosciences and biology with the ultimate aim of rediscovering the liaison that the connects, integrates and unites the holistic view, and that elevates the patient from a simple system to a complex human-system. Sponsored by major Institutions, also sees important national and international companies operating in those sectors taking part to the event as sponsors and exhibitors.


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