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new Auto-communication schedule overview in version 6




2 questions of a user and Kiran’s answers about auto-communication :

1.     AUTO COMMUNICATE –  how does the computer handle the following:

Is there an upper limit to the volume that can be communicated?

Is everything for everyone on auto communicate, communicated at the same time?

Does auto communicate compromise the speed of other functions within CoRe?


2.     If you wanted to communicate more than say 4 items you should set up several auto communications with different times?


Kiran’s answers:

1. “Auto-communications are done interlaced with all the other tasks done on the computer – just like all the other multi tasking.

The computer cannot do two things at the same time but it can do 1000 things in one second – so from a human perspective it is all done at the same moment.

If you have a lot of communications going on for many clients it will slow down other things you are doing on the computer – that is why

I recommends to have one computer dedicated only to CoRe.

Also keep the number of items communicated small do not to communicate more than 2 or max 4 resonances in one communication schedule – not so much as this would take too much of your computer resources but you would confuse the informational system of the receiver – your client

2.  No, you can set it to Continuous communication or you can set up repeated communication x-times per day/week/month – with any length you set all in one set-up.



As you want to keep track of how effective communications have been we made more simple to view all schedules which will be available as part of version 6 :


Also while doing other work on CoRe you can see which communications are currently performed in the background – if you do not want to have this visible for privacy reasons you can turn it off under File/ options













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