New satisfied users in Panama


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We have new CoRe users in Panama, Jason and Angela Kerr. They have a beautiful healing retreat:  and have been studying and applying CoRe therapy successfully.  It is a joy to have them as part of our CoRe community.

Angela Kerr CoRe user

Angela Kerr CoRe user

Jason Kerr CoRe user

Jason Kerr CoRe user

Panama healing forest

Panama healing forest

Hi Kiran,

Just Wanted to Say Hello and Let you know that I am now 6 Weeks into Core – Learning and Integrating it into my Practice. I must say, the Homeopathy Aspect of Core is Profound ! ..   The Fact that we have the Entire Repertory in Database as well as the ability to Integrate More is Beyond What I ever thought I would be able to do with this system ..  Although I have never officially studied Homeopathy, I feel like I can adopt it so Well by being able to Work with the Remedies So Available in Core ..  Learning by experience with the Different Remedies & Potencies ..   I seem to be deeply attracted to the Homotoxicology Work and Educating myself in that everyday …
Anyway – My appreciation to you for all of this …

I did have a couple questions for you regarding Imprinting …  I understand that you were using PVC Cards with Magnetic Strips / or just plain Refrigerator Magnets to Imprint Information ?    was wondering if you had an opinion of What Seemed to Work better ?   What can I Imprint that people can Wear – Cards or Bracelets that will hold the Information for the longest Time ?    Could it be the More Magnet per surface area the Better to receive and Hold Information ?   They Make Mylar Stickers to put on PVC Cards – is a possible option

Thanks for your Input …. and Happy to Say that you Have a Core Practitioner in Panama now!
Blessings ~

Jason Kerr
Holistic Vibrational Medicine
A Healing Arts Practice Dedicated to the Wise, Original, Sacred Ways of Recovering Harmony with Nature

Kiran ,

So, at this point I have Core Version 6 and I believe that I was able to get the Very Last RITU .. Not that it’s necessary , but I like having it ..

In Appreciation ~

On 7/17/2015 1:38 AM, Kiran Schmidt wrote:

Dear Jason

So you have the answer already; the Ritu is just a gimmick like all the other imprinters on the market  that is why we stopped making them.

What you do is an informational imprint and for this the code that is created with the Hologram generator you can attach to anything – there is no magnetism involved, so it also does not matter if you use magnetic materials or not – just attach it to an ampule with the drops for the client to take.

It is different with the Bio-LaesEr here we create an actual and measurable magnetic field for doing energetic imprinting in addition to the informational one – here we recommend that you use a liquid with colloidal silver as the modulated substance


Thank You Kiran !

It’s Wonderful to Be in Touch with you .. I have been watching the Videos and Assimilating everything … It seems like to be Connected to you is going to be a Journey of Profound New Developments Coming all the Time 😉 ..

All the Very Best from Panama ~


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