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Photos of the First Session.  10/25/2012   —- versus status now 24/5/2013
This is a client (male, 51 years old) I have been treating him since October 2012.
His first visit was on 10/25/2012 with large plaques of psoriasis on his back and legs. He has had them since 2006.
From October on he has got 13 sessions. He sees me once every 15 days, when I do an informational evaluation and communicate for 15 days. I also do at the beginning of the session 10-15 minutes of biofeedback or rife using the Health Navigator and then another 20-30 min with the Bio-LaesEr.
Until now he has shown an improvement of 80% and I am pretty sure that soon the symptoms will disappear completely  because after each session he is more open, cheerful and talkative. He was very closed/blocked, quiet and used to say just a few words before.


more Photos of the First Session.  10/25/2012   —- versus status now 24/5/2013





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