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1. Bioresonance Biofeedback Rife System BBR 30 % discount – after the discount you own a Bioresonance system at the price of one quarter of a traditional Bioresonance system, AND different than any other you have real and measurable energy output, dual channel technology, magnetic and light applicator in addition  to the conventional electric ones PLUS a magnetic field generator (measurable) for remedy generation. PLUS a built in Heart Rate Variability HRV and a ECG measuring system

2. Our S1 system  provides also dual channel Rife, TENS, ZAPPER, Frequency therapy, you can run all frequencies as traditionally done as electric therapy or once you have the additional applicators you can treat with pulsed magnetic, light or Laser energy. Also we have developed besides the conventional stainless steel electrodes new conductive fabric electrodes that can be easily applied to wrists, head or other parts of the skin. With the S1 comes our complete CoRe version 6 software package called CIS as described under point 4

3. The S2 is out advanced system that contains all devices and the main applicators of our product spectrum at an unmatched price. You basically have 2 complete systems on one hand the Bio-LaesEr and on the other the Spirit-Navigator start started our line of products. The Bio-LaesEr can be run by an assistant or unattended once switch on for Bioresonance sessions in a relaxation room – and you will find with many other users , nothing is so meditative/ stress-reductive, healing and re-connective as a few half hour sessions with the Bio-LaesEr. Parallel you can use the Spirit-Navigator with the CoRe software for evaluation and therapy.

4. and last but not least our CoRe 6 software that comes with a database of over 100 thousand remedies, possibility for 3D anatomical display of more than 10 thousand individual body-parts and a system that guides you automatically to the one with the highest resonance and a 500 plus page manual – more details please see here http://energetic-medicine.com/modality/software/core-system-software-version-6/




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Inergetix Founder Born on 1962 in Stuttgart/Germany, Founding of the Instrument Systems Corp Munich.


  1. Dear Kiran,

    Reading and learning from you since the last 4 months has created a bit of a quack in the foundations of my believe system and triggered some questions that whose answers was taken for granted for years or simply not questioned.
    Pardon my ignorance.

    The sounds / frequencies that come from the communication of a resonance, be it an homeopathic remedy, flower essence, emotion evaluation, etc…, are they randomly generated or are they stored in a database of the CIS programme?

    If they are not randomly generated, where they come from? How have they been found? Who has established them?

    For example the item “Fear of taking risks or chances” has a specific frequencies / sounds attached to it if we choose this option in the Rx / communication window.
    Is this only one frequency i.e. “Fear of taking risks or chances” resonate at 112Hz? or a combination of frequencies, Fear of taking risks or chances = 112Hz + 88.5Hz + 1036Hz sent all together or one after the other?

    If it is so, who has established that Fear of taking risks or chances has such frequency or frequencies?

    I know Rife and others have worked hard to establish a standard through muscle testing etc…
    But as you say, someone could find specific results while someone else will find different results for the same condition. The fact is that now I don’t trust the Rife frequency system but I would trust the random choice of the right frequency at the right moment, for the right person made by the CIS.
    But it seems to me that 100.000 items in the CIS have each a specific frequency.

    I know that brain waves have a specific frequencies that can be recorded but I don’t know how the frequency of i.e. a healthy liver, unhealthy liver, mediumly unhealthy liver, etc… could be found.

    I intend to use only the CIS in conjunction with the BBR, bypassing the HN.
    The truth is that I have used the SCIO for 9 years with the head harness and limbs bands but can’t say if has worked at all. I know the divinatory and informational (subspace) aspects worked.
    For years I have used the Rife SCIO electric frequencies to zap virus, fungus, bacteria, candida etc… as part of our detox programme (along with herbs, sauna, colonic etc..) without being sure it worked, because I was convinced that this electric current will affect (weaken if not electrocuting) these pathogens, following Bob Beck, Hulda Clark and others!
    I incorporated this electrocution because some renowned people promoted it and many reported feedback.
    I never use only one system to improve health but this electrocution was part of our protocol.

    But now your common sense and scientific mind comes and say, that’s not possible that a tiny electric current can burst an organism, virus, bacteria, etc…

    So what has worked with the people who reported success with these zappers? They have been healed by the information and intention and faith only? I can believe that to but how come all these scientific people have come to believe that a tiny current can burst the cell of micro organisms. If it’s true, do we have a YouTube experimentation about that? If it’s not true, do we also have a YouTube experimentation about that i.e. people hooked on a zapper with microscope watching their candida reaction to the current?

    I apologise for all these questions with the hope they could be helpful to someone else to.

    Kindest regards


    • Dear Siri

      This is the fairy tale story since Rife – he found that you can irradiate a virus or bacteria in a test vial or on a microscope table with radiation and it will be killed if you use a specific frequency. Then others quickly jumped to the conclusion the same happens if you put a few milliamp from a little frequency generator on the skin. This is simply not possible the energy that penetrates at a depth of only a few milimeter into the tissue is so small that it cannot destroy a bacteria, virus or fungi. Because of this absurd interpretation of results this never got any significant attention or credibility from people who have some idea of physics.

      But why did it have so many good results in healing ?

      These thousands of amazing healing results I explain through the fact that the vibrating electric energy wakes up the bodies own immune system – just like someone blowing the horn on a fortress when he is seeing an approaching enemy – what pitch he uses is very much unimportant. Because the body cells and organs communicate with each other via nervous impulses just like we do with the telephone any frequency that you insert from the outside will set-up an alarm in the body-own communication system just like when you step into an ant heap.

      This is my philosophy that most are sick not because they are “out of balance” but because they are “too much in balance” because they are stuck and in always the same rhythm. You are a lucky one spending most of the year in beautiful Thailand and summer in cypress when it is good there so you have less reason to be stuck – but most people do the same thing day in and day out, so a good shower with electricity can wake their health life just like a hot and cold shower or change of life habits can change your health.

      But what is special about the CoRe Frequencies ?

      There are no stored frequencies in CoRe as it is based on the concept of COincidenceREcognition that gave it its name. It was my observation that QXCI and the other devices that are based on a random result generator sometimes had great results because what come randomly into our life is connected with us to the degree that a random event is repeating, although their results were different for every evaluation you did.

      From this positive experience with a random number source I developed the following new philosophy: Random events can be very meaningful and guiding.

      However I refined the whole concept with statistical analytics because :
      If an unlikely event happens once it does not necessarily mean something but if it repeats we have to understand that this is a Coincidence that is meaningful which means to recognize it. Simply not everything that happens to us is meaningful but if it is repeating although it is unlikely to repeat then it has great resonance for us – which means we attract it despite its unlikeness for us.

      CoRe produce about 30000 random pattern per second and if some of them are repeating more often than statistics predicts then these pattern are meaningful. In addition all remedies and frequencies of the CoRe database have been assigned patterns that are fixed and stored, just like a name and when one pattern is found to repeat beyond an expectation value the associated remedy or frequency is used – and we see that CoRe this way has greater healing results, reproducibility and power to change the lives of people.

      simple and the way we should live our lives


      • Dear Kiran,

        Thank you very much for taking the time to explain again your principles and philosophy and also for giving clues on how the CoRe works Vs other similar items like the QXCI/SCIO.
        My experience with the CoRe is that the results are far more explicit and helpful than those found by the QXCI/SCIO in term of resonant items, due to the repetitive search of the random patterns. I was happy when the QXCI/SCIO was finding some resonant patterns leading to interesting and meaningful items. Now Im truly amazed by the quantity of resonant, significant, precise and accurate resonant items found by the CoRe. The speed also! What a difference with the CoRe! Spending 3 hours to enter the evaluation details, do the calibration, test and treat via the different protocols was not unusual for me with the QX/SCIO while with the CoRe, I can start a new client and get maximum information in and out in 1 to 1.5 hours. Plus I’m able to reproduce the treatment, depending on the treatment, in about 20 minutes.

        I found that even the least resonant items amongst the 10 chosen by CoRe are highly significant. Actually I always choose them all in the report.

        The organization of the software, the ease of navigation, the attention to the detail, the obvious care for the practitioner and dedication to bring an extraordinary healing device at service for humanity is truly exceptional. You have achieved a first class device and work compared to the soft used by the QXCI / SCIO that is still looking like a Beta version after my 9 years of use and upgrades. I always had a Love / Hate relationship with my QX/SCIO due to numerous bugs, crashes, freezes, the unfriendliness of the software and the poor achievements obtained in terms of saving client, reports, unrelated finding between 2 evaluations.
        You have created a software that has none of this issue and which is a breeze to operate, highly supporting to the client and practitioner due to the saving of the work.

        Not to mention the Virtual Doctor and not to mention the hardware you have developed. I have not used any hardware yet with the CoRe and my experience with your different devices is truly zero but I have ordered the BBR. If the CoRe on it’s own can produce such result, the discovery of your other invention promise to be more than interesting.

        So what results I have got with the CoRe since a month or so of use? Just speaking of my own experience. I have suffered stomach pain for 17 years during the night but getting more obvious and frequent since a year or so.

        Daily repetitive sessions with the CoRe has diminished my symptoms greatly. To me that’s a huge success. I should also say that prior it gets better, I had a violent food poisoning where I was wandering if I was going to pass away (this is only about a month ago). My system was flushing water out through my intestines and the pain in my stomach was excruciating. The magnets I use daily with great results for years to calm down my stomach pain was doing nothing to help. I spent the night on the toilet seat resisting the need to faint.
        That’s only after this happening that lasted 2 days that I realized that my stomach pain do not bother me with the same intensity, in fact is very rarely bothering me if at all and I don’t need my magnets anymore during the night.

        I feel that the informational treatments I received daily for a couple of weeks have accelerated a healing process via this crisis. I feel I have recover a healthy lively solar plexus. The work on the subtle level has been huge as I have been through past life regression where I have been made aware of 2 traumas in this area, in different lifetime.

        Because of that, I’m thrilled with my CoRe and your work and look forward to try the BBR very soon.

        Sorry if my letter looks like a paid testimonial. It’s not I swear, but I know the way I express my enthusiasm can makes one think so. It’s just that I have found the right product for me after 9 years of more frustration than joy with the QX/SCIO.
        You have been able to use the work of Prof. Bill Nelson and perfect it to a level far beyond my expectations and even dreams, in term of quality, results, ease of use and possibility. I’m truly full of gratitude.

        Thank you Kiran. I feel blessed to have crossed your road.

        Yes Coincidence Recognition.


        Kiran’s comment:

        Thank you Siri – I appreciate the time that you spend on this, and look forward getting to know you at the seminar in Thailand in February

        I hear these stories usually only in the coffee breaks at seminars – when I actually would prefer just to drink coffee – and this forum has 3000 reads a day but only one comment a month. But it is our time that we are always running and it needs a special dedication to sit down and put one’s experience into words. I know from doing this every day – it is a key ingredient for growth and more success, because by spreading the seeds there will be even greater harvest the next time.

  2. I have for the past twenty years suffered and I have been diligent to find a way to help myself. I am in the healing arts and have success with my hands on work, however I know I need to go to the next level and use this informagy way of easing health and healing for me and my clients. I am a person who loves the ocean of spiritual infinity and it is so wonderful that we have a chance to help others on this level and open some souls to a new reality; an awareness that is so beautiful. I have every intention to get the CIS and the EDS now. I would welcome the ability to bring the BBR into my life as well. I am grateful to my Lord that you have made this available to help others learn to help others. Highest praise and looking forward to starting this journey. I hope our paths will cross one day,



    Kiran’s comment:

    Thank you for your appreciation – yes healers are often very gifted to heal others for the same reason that they suffer a lot themselves
    Often they are like channels or antennas that do not have enough filters to take out what is not good for themselves – The Bioresonance-LaesEr is also the solution to that – once you have a stronger SENSE-of-SELF your system knows how to protect itself without closing up – as this is how most people protect themselves

    please contact Sonia@HealthNavigator.Net for more info

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