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Hi Kiran, 

Thanks again for all your work, and your phenomenal creativity and inspiration!
I have been a Core4 User , then a Core5 one, today a  Core6 user.. I bought the BioLaesEr in september. Sure it has been a great luck to meet you on my way….
I am very happy with my devices (“your’s!), and your philosophy sounds strong for me, even if I am not able to make so many discussions about it with you! 
It took two months for me to handle the BioLaesEr with ease, reading everyday all the posts I could find at this time on the website (how, when, and again how, why…)… but finally I got through all that, and it has become yet my principal device (Core 6 + BioLaesEr with Rife and Eigen frequencies, instead of Core 6 with Rife and Plasmatherapy).
And it’s simply GREAT!
Once, I read your post about new therapy for Depression, addiction and Bipolar illness, and I decided to improve that mode; look at it!
1° First client : 28 years old man, with important physical troubles for many years. Cured two years earlier with mercury detox (hard mode!), with some months of good improvement, then again physical and psychological troubles.
Psychiatric hospitalization for 3 weeks thrice during the last year.  Several psychiatric treatments, but he didn’t want anymore to use them, and for the last 6 months I could help with the Core6 and Plasmatherapy (once a week for months…), he  could stay at home, but his life was very bad, he couldn’t work, and his family was afraid he would finally commit suicide. Core 6 and Plasmatherapy helped to maintain his head above the water, better than psychiatric clinic, but…
He was my first practice of the BioLaesEr : once a week for 6 weeks, then every two weeks, and now once a month.
It has been quite incredible, quite a new birth, seeing him week after week becoming a new man, thinking, dreaming, and using again his sense of humor, working quite normally today as a sport coach…That seemed to be magic for his whole family and his friends.
2° Second client : 83 years old woman, with a strong depression (for over 6 months!); 3 weeks in a psychiatric hospital; not knowing what to do every day, but screaming and crying, what to eat and how to cook, didn’t not support staying alone, and not even meeting with other friends or people… I met her every two weeks, and once again, after 4 sessions she could live her life alone, going in and out, meeting new friends, and decided to sell one of her houses easily (she had tried before summer, but didn’t support it and had to cancel it two days after the sale). 
3° Third client :
 55 years old alcoholic man, 4th bipolar crisis during the 3 last years. Many psychiatric hospitalizations, but don’t accept to take his pills (can’t work well with them, he is a heating specialist and has to manage his team). Two suicide attempts, the last one at the end of August. Arrives in september, quite in delirium crisis. 
I met with him once a week, 4 weeks after he was back to his normal behavior, and to his work, he comes now once a month, is getting very well. No more alcohol nor Marijuana from the beginning of the cure (4 months)
For the three of them, l work with Core6 (informational therapy), then Rife Therapy with BioLaesEr for 10 min, then BioLaesEr/Eigen frequencies for 20 min.
I set the BioLaesEr system the same for these three persons:
Amplification switched to 1, left knob all the way to the left.
Sensitivity button switched to the left (0)
Inversion : on
One foot electrode into body signal, (REF not connected). The two feet across it.
Forehead electrode –>  CH2 of Health-Integrator
LED Glasses – 
Headset with MMD (Multidimensional Music from Jacotte Chollet :
Then I have to turn left and middle knobs to find the right amplitude and blinking…
Usually, I don’t use the inversion mode, because my clients don’t support it….it’s the only way they tolerate it….
Another point : is it a french specialty? My clients support only very low intensity, and it’s not possible for me to use 5, 6 ou more volts (only 1 or max 3 volts)…nor the heat of the LED glasses!
When I try, even with little intensity and voltage, they look like they were exploding! And are very angry…  so I don’t try it anymore…
So, again  great thanks for your generosity and your fabulous work, Kiran!
My next step ‘ll be the BEaMEr…ASAP!
And best wishes for the new year coming soon!
Best regards,

                 Roselyne MOREL
             37 Rue Saint Léonard

Kiran’s reply :

Dear Roselyne


you could not have expressed your appreciation in a better way

thank you so much for taking the time to put this together

I usually only hear that the intermission in seminars about all the “miracles”

CoRe devices are doing but few make the effort to put it down as testimonials

– but it is an informational law that you can only learn more if you are also willing

to inform others

please keep this coming

a happy new year to you


bioresonance laesEr for depression bipolar addiction

this New Years animation is inspired by daily Bio-LaesEr treatments on myself

it shows that with the help of Eigen-frequencies our innate polarities are drawn into

the center – rather than being left alone as the extremes of Bi-polarity




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