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When 2 similar ideas, people, emotions, competitors, lovers or waves meet  RESONANCE happens. This always has the nature of a smaller or bigger “bang”. In Physics this is called BEAT and it always creates a sensation, thought or emotion. One new User described this :

…both me and my mother received a serious electric shock through the hand electrodes and that WITHOUT any amplification. In alopathic mode. Only both feet on footplate connected with one cable to BODY SIGNAL. REF in, and hand electrodes to CH1 and CH2. As soon as we even touched the hand electrodes…BOOMA! Like touching a strong electrical wire of those electric sheep fences…?

Bio-Resonance that you do not feel, in most cases simply is not based on Resonance or does nothing at all. Even in Homeopathy, which works based on having two similar things meet – the symptoms of the disease and the symptoms that the remedy creates – we get a Resonance effect which is called an “initial aggravation”.

Yes, Homeopathy sometimes works without showing any noticeable “initial aggravation” but often it does and in the same way the Bio-resonance LaesEr often shows an initial aggravation in form of a strong shock. This shock cannot be explained physiologically as the measured voltage is less than 3 Volts but for many it feels as if they have touched a cow fence which uses about 3000 Volts but this is electric Allopathy not electric Homeopathy as with the Bio-resonance LaesEr

Just like in Homeopathy it is possible to reduce the likelihood of the -initial resonance effect- with increasing the potency, which is a reduction of the physical dimension and the same way we see that it is possible to decrease this Resonance effect with a Voltage reducer cable that we now offer for our users. Just as in Homeopathy this appears to even increase the effectiveness according to the principle “Less is more”

Personally I and many others have never experienced such a shock – I can guess the likelihood of it happening, is something built into our energy matrix – just as some people cannot smell themselves or get a shock each time they see themselves in a mirror. Astrology describes this informational effect with the various oppositions that can be part of ones fate. I can guarantee you that in any case touching a cow fence is much more painful and certainly not as life-changing as the Bio-Resonance LaesEr



Bioresonance Neurofeedback Voltage reducer cable



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  1. Hello Kiran,

    I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I can’t get the pulsing going on. Shouldn’t it be reflected in the LED of the glasses?
    Also, both me and my mother received a serious electro shock through the hand electrodes and that WITHOUT any amplification. In alopathic mode. Only both feet on footplate connected with one cable to BODY SIGNAL. REF in, and hand electrodes to CH1 and CH2. As soon as we even touched the hand electrodes…BOOMA! Like touching a strong electrical wire of those electric sheep fences…?

    I am still learning the BBR system and working full time, so it’s a slow process. However, I’ve already had some really amazing experiences with the Eigen frequencies :

    A more detailed explanation of the lady from yesterday.

    Elena has a high stress job at a hotel as a receptionist. She also has an adolescent daughter and a 6 year old son. With her daughter she struggles a lot, as the daughter is now in a rebel stage.
    She had been suffering from feeling of restlessness, couldn’t calm down, had problems falling asleep. She had tried everything to calm down, but not even a massage or meditation could do it. Her friend, a scuba diving instructor, suggested she should go with him under the water. At first, Elena didn’t believe that would help at all, but when in fact she was under the water in the ocean, she did, for an hour, find inner peace and disconnected from her problems, as she so desperately needed to do.
    When I told her about Eigen frequencies, she seemed to be ready to try them. She feels comfortable in my little salon and she did have a bit of spare time.
    I put 2 foot electrode mats on her legs and plugged them into Laeser. Then I plugged head band into CH2 of HI and glasses into glasses output.
    I left her there 30 minutes with some calming music. Even though I had a difficult client in the mean time, and I myself wasn’t exactly at peace, Elena had quite a different story to tell. She was astonished at how she felt. she said that she even fell asleep for a while and when she woke up, everything was good and nice. She felt deeply at peace and she compared the feeling to that happy, floating sensation below the sea. Though she said, the machine was even better. She told me she went under the water again, but wasn’t able to achieve the same result.

    As for the headband she said that she couldn’t even feel the head band at the beginning, but as she woke up from her nap, she started to notice it a little bit. as if it were enough.
    Elena i really impressed, as I said before, she thought she could not relax anymore. Amazed, so to speak. she is coming on Saturday to be shown the CIs Core as well.

    Now, I will tell you of my friend, who with only ONE therapy, got rid of his months old shoulder pain. And still has no problem with it. Eigen frequency and shoulder pain specific SOUND frequency (5 min). First eigen frequency (same set up as Elena), plus magnet on his shoulder. Then I was showing him the sound option, gave him headphones for 5 min.
    As for the eigen frequency he said the feeling was the same as meditating a long time. Really funny, he called it.
    Anyway. Next day he stopped by so I asked him how was his shoulder. He looked at me surprised and said, wow, no pain! Until that point he hadn’t even realized his pain was gone. Later he said, he went home after the session and he had a really strong reaction to the treatment. His shoulder was hurting a lot. So he went to watch a movie in his recliner chair, fell asleep, slept through the night and woke up in the morning without pain.
    Gone. Now that’s really crazy!!

    Best Regards

    Dear Kiran

    Yes of course you are most welcome to use the stories. The story of the lady has a continuation.

    She came for an informational evaluation by cis core yesterday and she told me that the positive influence of BBR had continued until the next day and more. When she arrived home later that day, she felt really sleepy and went to bed early at about 9pm. She slept profoundly through the night and when the alarm clock woke her up in the morning, she felt completely rested, though she could have just continued on with her slumber. She said she woke up looking and feeling like a “rose”. Regardless of her high stress environment (she is also a full time secretary of a sailing club), she felt really at peace, calm and re-energinezed. The comment of her husband was (since her original appointment was for waxing): “What did they do to you in that waxing appointment? You really should go more!”
    She continues to be amazed with the complete calmness and feeling of inner peace that the treatment had produced.

    Another client with a high stress job (owner of a telemarketing company) was able to confirm the soothing effects of the EIGEN frequencies. I put him on standard input of 2 feet electrodes (I use the pads, as my clients are all lying down on a massage table), headband on CH2 and Led glasses for 30 minutes. He also stated the feeling of complete peace, comfort. He fell asleep various times, and was really surprised by that, as he said he had been trying to rest and go to sleep during his afternoon break, and was unable to do so. Also, to go to sleep at night, he usually had to take some herbal remedies (pot). In other words, he loved the effects of BBR but mostly he was surprised and amazed how this effect was even possible!!!

    As a brand new CIs Core user, I am still getting aquainted with the program, designing issues, filters and such. Nevertheless, I am already getting surprises, especially for the clients. For example, a client stated her issue as being menstrual problems, but core pointed out serious inflamations in dental, jaw area. The client was really surprised about the result, because even though she hadn’t mentioned it at all, the system pointed out one of her major problems. I didn’t have the time to dig deeper, but in this case a full scale meridian scan would be interesting to perform to see the possible connections with other issues.

    I will keep records of the stories and I can send you and Sonia

  2. I also tried hooking everything up in this way :

    one foot electrode in “body signal”
    one hand (or foot) electrode in “ref” on the LaesEr
    one hand electrode in channel 2 of HI
    Reference cable connected to HI
    With that setup, I get readings of about 7-10 volts. I do not mind that high a voltage as long as I am using two foot electrodes and just one hand electrode. It is a bit strong and comes on very suddenly, but I do not find it uncomfortable. However, if I use two hand electrodes the sensation seems even stronger and while it does not really hurt, I would not find it very relaxing or comfortable for a longer session. In both cases (either two feet and one hand or one foot and two hands) the voltage reading is the same: 7-10 volts. I can adjust a little between 7 and 10 volts, but as I turn up the right hand dial on the LaesEr, the signal goes from 0 to 7 or more volts all at once. It is a bit of a surprising jolt, but again it is not really painful.

    I do not think I would use this latter setup very often with other people as it might be kind of frightening to most people, although I do have a friend that I described the sensation too, and he told me how he loves that sensation. When he goes for electro-acupuncture, he has the acupuncturist turn up the voltage all of the way until his muscles are really jumping, and that is the way he likes it!

    But for most people I would only use the setup in your recent video using the inverted mode and the glasses. 2.5 volts is probably fine for most people, and then I could get one of the cables you offer for the occasional person who is extremely sensitive. I also think that cable could be useful if I wanted to do the setup mentioned above that gives me 7-10 volts, and yet be able to turn it down a little to make it more comfortable. Otherwise it seems that the only time I would use inversion mode is for sessions with the glasses, or for people like myself and my friend who do not mind a bit of electrical tingling.

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