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Resonance has to do with connection.  It means that the client and the items in the results are connected in some way.

Here is an example of connected parts that lead to a meaningful image:


Images can be created with pictures, shapes, colors, words and information.  The CoRe program helps us create meaningful pictures about the client that lead to insight and improvement.



Resonance in informational space is a connection, expressed not only through coincidence and synchronicity but also through similarity and analogy.  In Inergetix-CoRe, a given resonance value indicates a similarity between the tested item and the client in the most general sense – in short, resonance means the client and the test item have something in common. Coincidences are always meaningful, because they show a similarity, and a similarity is a connection.

Balance both halves of the brain:

Thinking in terms of what the results mean will help the user balance both halves of their brain; the analytical (dividing/separating/discriminating) left brain, and the synthesizing and connecting right brain. Linear thinking interprets the results as the cause of disease.  Polar thinking interprets the results as does or does not have, needs or does not need, is good or bad.

Regarding physical symptoms

We are seeing what exists in the field of informational connections about physical results as opposed to the physical results themselves.

Informational analysis does not measure physical properties, only informational connections about physical properties.

The information field is only the pattern or field of possibilities on which all energy (including the energy patterns that we call physical reality) is built.

Emotions, thought processes and the like can be read much more quickly.

The more physical structures can be read more slowly and are more affected by our concept of time and space.

How to interpret

The explanations for resonance are usually contained within the analysis itself and the limitation of understanding resonance and CoRe itself is in our ability to “interpret”.

By good and well formulated filters and remedies, using good protocols that provide us with meaning which we can interpret, and by opening up our thought paradigms to intuitive processes, we will greatly increase our odds of reading patterns that are already physical but nothing here is absolute.

What we can be sure of is that, if a pattern exists in the field of connected information, then the trend will always be for that pattern to express itself inside some realm of more physical experience.

The layers on an onion is a good analogy. Connected information, even if it includes the concept of physical, first has to travel through the layers of the onion in order to reach the densest part or what we call the physical.  If a client comes to us with ‘lung distress’, a remedy like ‘lung health’ will have to travel through the layers before the physical actually begins to form itself around this new connection. Sometimes the layers it has to travel through are many, sometimes few.

It is also true that conditions can travel the other way from physical into the upper layers (all connections tend to express themselves everywhere).. important in fully understanding the complete effect of physical/energetic remedies on the other layers of our informational and energy patterns.

Our intuitive insight and the connections between different resonant remedies can help us understand why the client is resonating with “go for a swim” or “pick a flower” when the client wants to heal from some serious illness but nonetheless, this is the remedy or “resonance” and the only limitation is our ability to connect it.

So the actual concept of resonance can mean anything and depends on the context of filters, client, timing, and the remedies being analyzed. All this of course is interpreted through our own awareness and ability to understand what we are seeing.


There are many reasons why we resonate with something. The meaning of resonance is therefore, individual and specific.

A high resonant item could mean:

  1. “you have …” if the connected information is already physical, symptoms of …
  2. “you will have ….” if the connected information is not yet physical.
  3. “you had …” if the information was physical but is still affecting them somewhere else.
  4. “You have symptoms of ‘……’ (a particular disease/condition).
  5. Direct cause: toxicity, parasite, stress are causing the imbalance
  6. Disease tendency: Mercury: syphilitic disease tendency (neither cause nor cure)
  7. Common symptoms, effect or reaction: depression (client has tendency to react with depression)
  8. Common elements, composition: suspicion (lack of trust, fear of loss, insufficient knowledge)
  9. Common environment: item is in the environment, in a family member, etc.
  10. Common likes and dislikes, predisposition: red and spicy food (emotional predisposition to aggression)
  11. Common location – place of action of remedy: Thyroid (neck is area affected)
  12. Common association, point of action – Mother or Blood (family, ask client what he associates with)
  13. Common function – liver: detoxification, arthritis: movement
  14. Common level – digestion of food or energy or information
  15. Common energy, behavior – pregnancy: something being born, pregnant with ideas.
  16. Common meaning – cancer: means death, severity, or tends towards self-destructiveness

The reason for resonance will be seen through the act of building the analysis and feedback from the client. The analysis will help us understand why the remedy is resonating. The more remedies that say the same thing in different ways (patterns), the more confidence we can have that we can accurately interpret what we are seeing.


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