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I feel that after 2  years working with CoRe 6 some of you might be tired of the interface pictures and CoRe allows you to make your own interface look with only a few clicks. If you understand the power of information I am sure you will not watch the daily news – or do you still do and feel that you are in control what goes deep into your subconscious and manage to feel content and positive. I don’t have a TV or cell phone, nor think it possible that anyone follows the daily news and not get emotionally exhausted. So I  have some time playing with colors and 3D graphics – inspired by the abundance and colors of Brazil,  this is the result – enjoy.

all this will be downloadable with the latest built from next week on – free of charge

Acupuncture Module

Affirmation Module


Allergy Module


Aroma Therapy


3D Body Scan


Color Therapy Modul


Detox Module


Emotional Reaction Module


Emotion reason Screen


Emotion Resolution Mode


Pathogen Module





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Inergetix Founder Born on 1962 in Stuttgart/Germany, Founding of the Instrument Systems Corp Munich.


  1. Hallo Kiran,

    diese Module bestechen durch ihr besonderes Design. Gratulation. Dein Software-Entwickler hat wirklich viel Phantasie und Geschmack, oder bist Du selbst der Künstler?


  2. Jolanda van Niftrik on

    Wow Kiran, thank you

    I have worked with many systems, but I never had so many updates.(and for free )
    Thank you for all your work; great!

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