Meet the chief scientist and the CoRe System manufacturer


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CoRe seminar in Lisbon – at the monument that honors the courage of those who went out to discover new land – not afraid to fall of the disc that most believed the earth to be 

and see how we challenge now the one-dimensional view of contemporary medicine with new technology from Bavaria


The CoRe-System – result of 30 years of development


About Author

Inergetix Founder Born on 1962 in Stuttgart/Germany, Founding of the Instrument Systems Corp Munich.


  1. Luesak Luesukprasert on


    I’m am a patient of bio resonance and alternative healing. I’ve experienced first had the benefits of this type of therapy. I operate a trading company in Thailand. I would like to know more about how the various products work together (if at all). For example, how does the CoRe software working with other hardware devices. Or how does it transmit signals to the patient.

    I’ve been treated using BICOM and WegaMed. How do your products compare to them.

    Are you going to be exhibiting at some trade fair? If so, which, when, and where.

    Also as far as training how to use the devices go… how can the be achieved?



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