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Presenting the new CoRe Manual

Dear friends I am delighted to announce our new CoRe-Manual. This manual was something I knew we needed desperately – and I would have luckily paid for anyone who had come forward to undertake such a monstrous work, but simply there was none. Because to do this you not only have to have deep insight into the CoRe system but even more you have to have the ability to communicate it and the most of all the practical experience with it to know what works and what needs to be done when the client is sitting in front of you.

Consider this list of qualities and then add willingness to spend month and month on such a process without being paid up-front – and you can imagine how happy I was when just a few weeks ago Katherine told me that she is almost finished with it – and now consider this Coincidence – I am writing this post just on Katherine’s birthday.

So dear Katherine “Let this be my birthday present to you with much gratitude and thanks from all of us who know how much you are dedicated day and night”

This Manual contains over 600 (SIX hundred) pages – just scrolling through it makes you wonder how anyone can have so much endurance to put all this together with so much detail and dedication. For me certainly this would be impossible – simply for the fact that by the time I describe the first function I have already 3 ideas how to improve it and what is still missing (this is not only because I am a Inventor but more because I am German).

Katherine is also the best person I can imagine to compile this as she has so much sensitivity how to talk to everyone in the tongue that he understands (this is what it means that the Apostle could suddenly speak in so many tongues). When you have established a connection to  the informational matrix you can talk to animals and plants and eventually also to other humans and they understand you and do not just react with fear.

And much is due to the fact that she had gone through a similar RESET as myself – after a visit to Egypt (the land of the worship of death and physical immortality) she go so sick that she was in bed for 7 years – only to recover by being treated with CoRe – and now I have to caution her over and over to take at least a few hours of rest and sleep. When I met her first time and she was so enthusiastic about her recovery and CoRe I offered her a system at half price – probably one of the best investments I ever made.

Here is what other say about her and her teaching method :


Here the table of content :

Katherine gives some STEP-by-STEP instructions for the most common tasks like :

But the great majority of instructions is about the less common and somewhat more hidden features of CoRe

and she puts rightly a lot of emphasis on understanding the new and complex Communication process and panell :

AND luckily she has also more of an ability to work with the ADMINISTRATIVE aspects then myself – so if you are like me and avoid backing-up    this is the section for you :

I am certainly not so much about “Backing-up” – preserving and saving or about “managing user-identities” as nescessary this sometimes may be but so much more about CHANGE and customizing the system – of making it possible for you to mold the tool you are working with every day to your needs and most importantly to help you not to get stuck with always the same impression in front of your eyes. But unfortunately although CoRe is so customization in every aspect and the fact that you can share these changes with others through database and interface exports – almost nobody makes use of it or lets me know how and what he is doing. I am kind of on my own – without feedback – whereas every wall on any Facebook account is full with reactions to every little nonsense.

Thank you Katherine – you are the big exception – and you even try to make it easier for everyone to add their own creativity and knowledge :

OR how to add frequencies and customize the Frequency therapy module :

OR how to use and customize the EMDR module :

HOW to set up your own protocols :

HOW to work with the new Frequency module:

HOW to work with Locators :

HOW to use the Session screen to track the changes that happen with your client :

HOW the new Relational Protocol function can give you best results :

AND the Organ screen (that soon will get a major overhaul – because I know how much you like it )

AND correctly she dedicates a large section to the Virtual Doctor interface – as she know how important this will become in the future of informational medicine :

MUCH better then I could do – she stimulates your own learning in that every chapter ends with suggestions for exercises like this one :

AND also much better then myself she is giving space to Safety issues and technical data in a big reference section :

Dear Katherine – this is much more then I or anyone could have expected – for most it will be even a challenge to go through all this alone – and again here you give so much – you have now achieved that your training is recognized and I am happily making you our world director of Training. People who got a little bit a taste of you dedication like Anne last month do not even hesitate to fly around half of the world to attend your training and if you get enough signs of interest in a place somewhere you told me you are even willing to hold training outside of Australia.

If you want to know more go to her website :



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