Biofeedback for calming the heart nervousness anxiety


BEaMEr changes heartbeat coherence via biofeedback bioresonance
The Electrocardiogram is not only 100 times stronger than the Electroencephalogram but also is a very sensitive indicator to emotion and thought – we can see this quantitatively with the Heart-ratevariability  HRV. It is obvious and has been documented by various people that breathing has a strong effect on HRV which explains the strong emphasis that Yoga and QiGong teachers have placed on the importance of breathing pattern for a harmonious heartbeat rhythm.

However what is an amazing new discovery that we made with the BEaMEr is that feeding back the Heartbeat in the form of electric, magnetic and Light signals makes the HRV an almost perfect sinus without even single beats that deviate from this harmonious pattern. This is another proof for the Importance of Bio-feedback of Exigent-frequencies for health and well-being

We can envision this super-gentle pace-maker to be a significant aid in the cure of anxiety and  other emotional distress that is connected with heartbeat irregularity or stagnation.



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  1. Wow! this BEaMEr is fascinating. Can my clients purchase this as well? would they have to purchase the whole Inergetrix computer system in order to use it?

    Thanks for your anticipated reply.


    • Dear Blossom

      thank you for your appreciation – the BEaMEr works works independently of the CoRe System and the additional PC, iOS and Android software that you see is free of charge.
      For more info please contact our distributor in Australia Katherine


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