Bioresonance color stimulation – another healing dimension




I am excited to share this latest development that is showing another use of the Bio-LaesEr that is astonishing.

I have done quite some research online but I do not find one source that reports what we are able to recreate for every patient :

Stimulation of color vision via electric impulses to the skin or  TENS

This is a phenomenon on that to my knowledge has only been observed with drug. Also be aware that all these vivid experiences of colors and pattern are happening with closed eyes while the outside blinking light is only white – this means we do not have a physical effect but a physiological one where the brain makes an interpretation of the physical stimulus that is totally client specific 

Moreover every client tested so far has not only enjoyed the experience very much but also is experiencing an inner calm and happiness with more energy for quite some time after the treatment has finished.

I am sure we will see stunning applications for this treatment for Depression, drug addiction, SAD, mood swings and bipolar to name only a few.


how to set the Bioresonance LaesEr system :

1. Amplification switch to 1 and turn the left knob all the way to the left

2. The upper switch to the Therapy mode 

3. Select Inversion 

4. plugin only one foot-electrode into body-signal and do NOT connect REF

5. plugin a feedback pad or hand electrode  in Ch2 of the Health Integrator

6. have the client hold the electrode with finger tips or apply to forehead or solar plexus

7.  put the feet on the foot-electrodes and press the electrode pad on the solar plexus

8. turn the middle knob so you see the desired  application amplitude on the right LED bar

9. plugin the LED glasses

10. turn the left knob so the LED glasses start to blink

11. adjust the blinking rate with the left knob until the client gets the strongest visual effects


Debora is always my first test person – don’t worry eventually we switch on the light 



and here I give the explanation what settings to use



here Fabiani – she had a few treatments since Nov 2011 – lost 20 kg , looks and feels totally different

judge for your self if you compare it with this video

(However she still has the 3 scars from the little burn on the first treatment – but it is just like the scar that a vaccination can leave  and

 for this reason it is  important to have every client sign a disclaimer



and next is our gardener that always needs to test my new ideas 



and Marcelo our musician friend 



here you see Marcelo with ordinary color and music therapy at work



Kiran even made a 3D MRI scan to find out how this all works 

– use your mouse to zoom into the head and find out about Kiran’s dedication – don’t stop at the surface 





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Inergetix Founder Born on 1962 in Stuttgart/Germany, Founding of the Instrument Systems Corp Munich.


  1. Hi Kiran,

    Thanks for sharing this protocol. I tried and it works on Amplification 1 too with me.

    On my February 21st comments, I obtain the same result with a different set-up.

    Few new comments:

    With me the pad works best when I touch it with my fingers, not applying it to my chest.
    I will never ask my clients or anybody to try this with the pad on the chest as my experience is that when the pad is applied in the front of my torso, I quickly get some random electricity stings, similar to the bite of a red ant.
    If I ignore this for only less than a minute, I have a small wound developing, like a tiny cigarette burn.
    It creates a little crater in my skin, about 2 millimeters diameters wide, and 1 millimeter deep.
    It has been more than a month now and I can still see the scars. For this reason, I found applying just the tip of the fingers just as good if not better as it is very easy to play with a slight pressure of the fingers to obtain a variety of all kind of effects.

    OK my scars were done with Amplification on 10 and with the Ref connected.
    But I tried the pad on chest without the Ref and amplification on 1 as in your set-up and I still got stings at time (the nipple are also quite sensitive. It may suites some looking for this kind of result though).

    The difference I notice between your set-up and mine is that the flickering in mine happens in the middle LED column of the LaesEr, while with yours it happens on the second LED column of the HI (on my devices, in yours, it seems that the flickering happen in the first LED column of the HI).

    Something else important but covered in your Informed Consent is this experimentation would not be recommended for people too sensitive as that could lead to an epileptic fit as we could almost see starting with one of your patient 😉

    You also look great with a Buddhist monk haircut and the hole in the head should let a lot of new information coming.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

    • Kiran Schmidt on

      Dear Siri

      I am happy you bring these things up – maybe it is my being German that follows the principle “what does not kill you makes you only better” that needs the refining input of a french person.

      Yes I know that this experience so far only starts when both channels are set to max and at least Ch 2 top LED is pulsing. Yes you get 12-14 V applied to the chest which can cause this tickling sensation and even for the more sensitive skin create little burns that for some may even create a scar.

      So yes certainly have a disclaimer signed. And I will try if I can reproduce the same effect as you with touching the pad with the tips of my fingers – if this works of course it would be much more preferable and as with the toes you can create the shapes and colors like a musician with his fingers on the instrument.

      thank you for your continued input – by the way I decided to to to Thailand again next week to say there for 2 month so I am sure we can meet or are you just now in Cyprus


      • Dear Kiran,

        My life would certainly benefit a lot by following this German principle.

        Having said that, I have so much appreciation for your devices and work that I feel inclined to prevent people having an experience they could experiment as negative and turn them away from the blessing you have brought to us.
        If I’m that thin skinned, other could be too, especially women.

        As this little wounds can occur really quickly (although you will have the stinging sensation to warn you first which I ignored imagining I was strong as a German), I will not take the chance with clients / friends. Plus it’s not always convenient to ask your client to take off their bra and press continuously the center of their chest.

        It’s very pleasant to have the arms and hands relaxed on the Ch2 pad and just play delicately with the tip of your fingers while even the feet can stay relaxed on the plate.
        This way, as you said, you become the player of a very sensitive instrument that will lead you into dimensions usually not accessed by the conscious mind.
        A truly amazing experience and Debora is not faking 🙂

        Enjoy Thailand. Please hug Allen and Noy for me if you can.

  2. Alexandra Oliveira on

    Dear Kiran ,

    I am always very grateful for your newsletters, but I don`t manifest so often the gratitude you deserve for your efforts, teachings, messages and new adds to the system. Sorry for that!

    Today I want to share something to you, because I think it´s very interesting and related to the first post you did it in your latest newsletter – A new setting with the – BioLaesEr evokes color and visions

    Two days ago I read your newsletter and was so excited with the possibility of having stimulation of color vision via electric impulses, since I´ve never tried any kind of drugs!

    Before follow your instructions I decided to balance myself using the frequencies therapy connected to BiolaesEr with the magnetic mattress, Led glasses and one foot electrode. While I was doing this yesterday , I had an amazing experience by chance ( coincidence I think!),

    What I did was:

    1- Used the Frequency therapy mode, from CORE, scanned for patterns, DLE mode and I´ve selected 30 minutes.

    2- I´ve connected the BiolaesEr to the computer (plug in to the sound exit of the computer and source in of the BiolaesEr)

    3- I set the Amplification for 100

    4- I kept the Therapy mode

    5- And the Homeopathic Mode

    6- I plug in the magnetic mattress at ch 1 and 2 of the BiolaesEr

    7- I placed the foot plate over the mattress, where I put the back of the knees, (while I was lying down) and plug in the foot electrode in REF.

    8- I´ve plugged the Led glasses at the light therapy connecter

    9- Both knobs were turned completely to the left ( what I´ve realized after the 30 minutes treatment) and I also didn´t adjust any knob during the treatment, while the glasses were blinking

    10- The right LED bar was blinking up and down depending the type of frequencies( I noticed that with my patient today)

    It was so special , that I`ve done this twice, to see if the result was the same, and today I´ve tried with a patient and the results and experience were the same!

    I didn´t try yet what you have suggested to see if it´s the same experience or not, but both of us could see different colours and patterns blinking very quickly , (squares, triangles, balls, like a kaleidoscope, or the same colour pulsing, movements from inside to outside and contrary.I´we have entered in a different dimension or reality,( this is the best way I can describe it),and the patterns and colours changed with the diferent frequencies. After 30 minutes my patient asked for more time and by the end she told me that preferred this version instead of the “normal way” I´ve used the BiolaesEr with her! She described the same as I felt- calm, energized, with new expectations and feelings, and she also told me that she had the feeling like waking up from a good dream, but she was not able to describe it.

    And that´s all!!!

    Send my love to Debora! I miss both of you,


  3. Alexandra Oliveira on

    Hi again Kiran,

    New update!

    Today I´ve made more experiences and I´ve discover that to have the same effect we only need to use the LED glasses, but keeping the rest like I explained in the previous post.

    First I unplugged the foot plate, and the result was the same. Then I replaced the magnetic mattress for the hand electrodes, and the same… I´ve decided to unplug the electrodes and “voilá” the colors, shapes, movements, took place the same way. I´ve enjoyed very much these experiences, but the only thing I felt different today on my 3rd attempt, was a little disconfort on the left side of my body in the navel zone.

    You use to say” keep it simple”-so this is a very simple way to send ressonant frequencies using white light that turns into colors, movements and patterns and having a healing effect on the patient.

    I expect more feddbacks! I hope it will be useful for all of us!


  4. Hello Kiran,

    I have had a session today with the “color stimulation” and the holding of 1 hand electrode with the fingertips of 1 hand and later with the fingertips of both hands. As the client closed her eyes a hysteric reaction appeared that included a fainting sensation, a sensation she could not get any air in, a suffocating-hysteric sensation and at the same time she could feel electricity/numbness on the outer side of her 4th toe. The exact point corresponded with acupuncture point GB 44, which is an important acupoint for faintness, syncope, it can revive consciousness in case of fainting! After a few min. she could not feel the sensation on her toe and the hysteric attack abated, she became calm and could see colors of blue and red and sometimes gray. So, not only it provided an acupuncture treatment session but also it provided clues to TCM diagnosis, automatically!
    One more time a wonderful device!

    With gratitude,

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