Visual Color-sensation electrode



 The Bioresonance LaesEr is demonstrating a physiological phenomenon that never has been observed observed ANYWHERE before !

The electric signals that are measured are fed-back to the client not only as an amplified electric signal but via LED Goggles as well.

The amazing observation that EVERY client will make is that he is seeing a firework of colors and pattern that create complex inner landscapes that are constantly changing. This occurs with simple white light shining on the CLOSED eyes.

The Bio-resonance-LaesEr allows to modulate a music signal on top of the persons Eigen-frequency that is fed back which will further complexity the experience but is optional.

Experiments have show that the visual colors and pattern can be strongly modified depending on which meridians of the fingers touch the electrode. Also we found that the texture of the electrode has a major impact on the experience. Therefore we created a specialized Stainless-Steel electrode that has a texture that we found particularly effective to create this effect and with almost one pound of weight lies good in your hands.

What you will experience is beyond words, we tried to make an animation that show somewhat what you will see but the below is only a very poor attempt, as the complexity of variety in colors and shapes that the brain creates is so much more sophisticated and personal.

However best – this is not just another excitement that turns you away from your SELF but on the contrary a most magic encounter with your energetic Side that is proving its healing potential every day.





You can read how to connect and set the LaesEr  here :








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