Bioresonance & Informational Medicine integration


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If we want to make a successful transfer of information to any communication partner it is not enough to just modulate energy with information but the energy used has to be such that the partner is able to receive it.



The Bioresoance-LaesEr is the result of studies and goals for improvement as follows :

  1. The system should be as far as possible tester independent. A results of years of work with Electro Dermal Screening devices that all are highly user dependent based on subjectively different pressure, angle and particularly speed of electrode application.
  2. The system should be as sensitive as neuro-feedback devices but not be limited to diagnostic or neuro-feedback operator training but allow the neuro-feedback signal itself be used for therapy, which is not known in traditional neuro-feedback devices.
  3. The new device should go further than general biofeedback that usually only reacts with linear changes in energy feedback depending on client reaction. Also this biofeedback should bypass the limitation of deliberate client reaction pattern but directly be controlled by energetic autonomic body responses.
  4. The system should have a true energy feedback loop both for the accessed response and the feedback signal and not as in traditional Biofeedback systems only pretend energetic interaction

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