Bioresonance-LaesEr – improved Orgone accumulator


1. What is the function of a closed Resonator and how does it differ from an open one ?

2. Why do Orgone accumulators not funnel energies from the environment. ?

3. Under what conditions do living organisms turn into lasers ?

4. What have Orgone accumulators and interference filters in common ?

5. How is the Bio-LaesEr an improvement over conventional Orgone accumulators ?


Since the discovery of the frequency nature of energy it has become a religion to believe “everything is frequency” and we need certain frequencies to be healthy. In fact we need a whole spectrum diet of frequency just as we need a whole spectrum of bio-chemicals to be healthy . All our senses, our skin, our eyes, our ears are antennas for mechanical as well as electromagnetic frequencies that give us energy to be healthy. 

 All these antennas are based on the principle of “open resonators” to pick up energies from our environment.


Mostly unknown many of our energy systems are based on closed or partly closed resonator. These resonators, different then the open resonators, form a self-feedback loop. This Self-resonance is more important for our health than the extraction of frequencies from the environment.  For example when we close our mouth and hum to ourselves the open cavity (oral,nasal,vocal) resonators turns into closed resonators. We are not aware of the importance of humming to ourselves – but we do it  only under threat or in fear. Tibetan monks have brought this exercise of humming to a great art-form that is part of spiritual development. The Earth is humming to itself with the Schuhman frequencies and every cell does it with its unique frequency. The Laser principle is based on this partly closed resonator – self-resonance which provides an electric feedback which is essential for health and well-being.

If we look closer we discover these self-feedback loops in all areas of human life and nature :



It is general misunderstanding to believe that Orgone accumulators are antenna to an “unknown” energy of the environment and that they channel it to the recipient. From the diagram below it is obvious that they act very much like Laser cavities that create a coherence in the energies radiated from the Laser medium, while in this case the Medium is actually the person itself.

With the Bioresonance LaesEr it is possible to show that the humans emit energies This has been know since the advent of EEG and ECG measurement both in the realm of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic energies. However what was assumed until now that the organism is kind of a light bulb that radiates at all times. Although this is true for a minimal energy amount however it was  possible with the Bioresonance-Laser to discover that the emission of energy is exponentially greater in situations with feedback.

Living organisms are simply more intelligent than light bulbs that constantly radiate their energy. Living organisms turn into Laser whenever there is feedback possible, either when the environment reflects its own energies like in the Orgone accumulator or with the Bioresonance-LaesEr or when there are other living organisms close by that facilitate this feedback loop. This explains why we like to be in the company of friends  especially of the opposite sex – the energetic feedback is turned on .

The structure of the Orgone Accumulator walls is principally identical to those or other electromagnetic reflectors like in optical interference filters and in fact performs the same purpose. With the Bioresonance-LaesEr it is for the first time possible to measure the wave-length of these living-organism emanations which I know are electromagnetic in nature, while currently the thickness of Orgone accumulator layers is not scientifically adjusted to the actual bio-field wavelength.


Here is an animation which shows how the Bioresonance-LaesEr not only reflects Live-energies as in an Orgone accumulator but also amplifies them.


This is an extension of this post on Reich and his work on Orgone .


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