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The Inergetix-CoRe System gives the practitioner great flexibility in analysis and balancing for humans, animals, plants and bio-systems. You can choose the evaluation field: physical, energetic, informational or spiritual. You can focus the evaluation on up to 6 specific symptoms or filters.

The Inergetix-CoRe System is OPEN. In addition to the standard database of over 100,000 items, users can very easily customize it with their own screens and groups according to their interests and expertise.



Version 6 includes the following new functions:

  1. Evaluate and balance humans, plants, animals & biosystems (homes, business, organizations, etc). Balance in the moment and long distance.
  2. Imprint resonant remedies into any physical substrate (usually water/alcohol)
  3. See an overview of each session with quick therapy results
  4. Group health issues by categories if desired to see patterns
  5. Add pictures of body parts to use in analysis & balancing
  6. Create your own Protocols for frequent issues/conditions to speed up your analysis.
  7. Use the Relational Protocol function with more than 1000 physical indications- it generates a report and balancing using complimentary and integrative healing modalities with a few clicks
  8. Set your client’s treatment for Auto-communication with energy carrier activity and balance as many clients as you want automatically and long distance
  9. Overview your Auto-communications – to see all clients schedules
  10. Treat energetically with the Disease frequency therapy module that can be customized – RIFE/Clarke frequencies – this module is included in S1 Basic, S2 Advanced and BBR system configurations but it can also be added to CIS at an additional cost.
  11. Send your clients recordings of the Frequency Therapy they received or that you want them to have at home.
  12. Customize the database with your own screens, groups and items using a favorite type of therapy  or modality (if not already included in the standard database).
  13. Increase and enhance with exchange of purchase of other practitioner’s created screens.

Standard Database Screens


TCM treatment type; Acupuncture Meridians; Dental Teeth Meridians; Dental Teeth Relationships; Scalp Acupuncture; Esoteric Acupuncture; Koryo Hand 1, 2, 3; Yin Points; Yang Points; Extra Points; Ear Acupuncture, Master Tong; Master Tong; Floral Acupuncture Essences; Homeopathic Acupuncture, General Questions. Chinese Herbal Formulas: Ayurveda –Banyan Botanicals, Dr. Kang Herbs, Dragon Herbs, Evergreen Formulas, Golden Flower Herbs, Health Concerns Herbs, Ming Shan Herbs, Plum Flower Herbs, Three Treasures Herbs, Women’s Treasures Herbs, Chinese Herbs 1, 2, 3. Metaphysical: Deities, Kabala –Tree of Life, Power vs Force (Consciousness), Subtle Anatomy



General Affirmations 1, 2, 3; Affirmations with associated pictures; Action, Change, Decisions; Attitude; Being Yourself; Courage; Fear/ Gratitude; Habits, Money, Wealth, Security; Relationships/Marriage; Money Issues; Quotes on Friendship, life, love; A Creed to Live by (Nancy Sims); A Practical Guide To Life (Charles Fitzsimmons); A Short Course In Human Relations; A Start (Leo Buscaglia); Another Bill Of Rights; Anyway; Be Good To You; Be The Changes; Children – Life In Your Hands (Dorothy Holte); Children – Memos From Your Child; Do More Than; Fifteen Ways To Enhance Your Day; Fair Fighting; Freedom; Finding God Within And Without; How To Love Yourself (Louise L. Hay); How To Be Unhappy; How To Survive The Bus Of Living (Karen Clark); I Listen; I’ve Learned; Instructions For Life (Dalai Lama); Just For Today; Laws Of Success (Jack Yianitsas); Listen; Life’s Little Instructions; My Declaration Of Self Esteem (Virginia Satir); Notes On The Tao Te Ching; Of Life (Bonnie Tivenen); On Letting Go; Ten Rules For The Good Life (Thomas Jefferson); Peak Performer (Self Esteem Workbook); Promise Yourself; The Principles Of Attitudinal Healing; The Invitation (Oriah Mountain Dreamer); Things To Remember; The School Thoughts To Live By; Things We Can Learn From A Dog; Today; Watch Your Thoughts; Why Worry; What is Maturity; You And Yourself.


Allergies & Sensitivities

General questions; Environmental Allergies, Environmental Sensitivities, Food Allergies; Food Sensitivities; Pollen Allergies; Pollen Sensitivities.



Basic Oils; General Oils; Young Living Essential Oils; Oils for specific conditions


Color Therapy

AuroraSoma Colors; Personal Color meaning; Sufi Colors, Color List.


Crystal Essences

Pegasus Crystal Essences; Pacific Crystal Essences; General Crystal Essences; Alaskan Crystal Essences, Crystal Essences for specific purposes.



General detox issues in nutrition, remedies, mental/emotional, modality. Organ specific detox; Issue specific detox; Detox solutions.


Emotional Reaction

General questions; Avoiding conflict on principle; Personality – Caretaker; Playing the Savior; Pretending; Pretending; Emotional control; Depression; Despair;   Entertaining; Indefinite feeling; Guilt; Stress; Suppression; Suicide; Socially accepted response; Inability of letting-go; Insecurity; Intimidating others; Irrational Beliefs; Coldness; Compulsive Behavior; Confrontation; Denial; Non-Feeling Behavior; Out of touch Feelings; Passive Aggressive; Perfectionism; Hatred; Helplessness; Hostility, Sarcasm, Cynicism; Impatience; Rage; Setting up high ideals; Shame And Guilt; Silent Withdrawal; Making it invisible; Manipulation; Need To Fix; Negative Assumptions; Suffering for others; Fears; Dominant emotion; Pretending; Potential; Helplessness; Irrational Beliefs; Manipulation; Need to Fix; Enabling; Emotional Control Beliefs; Hostility, Sarcasm, Cynicism; Suppression.


Emotional Reason

General questions; Background perceived as cause; Basic Fear; Behavioral Chains; Concepts; Conflict; Core Beliefs; Cultural Belief system; Difficulties; Education; Family issues; Fear of Rejection; Fear of Success; Grief and Loss; Low Self Esteem; Other People; Reason for Burnout; Re-Parenting; Self Esteem Ability; Self Esteem-Environment; Self Control – Areas Of Weakness; Setting Goals


Emotional Resolution

General issues/questions; Accepting Powerlessness; Acting Out; Change-Motivation; Communication; Change old reaction pattern; Detachment; Increase courage; Increase Bonding; Inner Child; Increase compassion; Searching and accepting help; Reduce the Need For Approval; Survival Traits; Self-Forgiveness; Thought Stopping; Take Responsibility; Time Management; Communication – Non Verbal;   Accepting the Uncontrollables And Unchangeables; Fun; Dumping Negative Garbage; History; Forgiving And Forgetting; Ask Yourself; Giving freedom to others; Change Motivation; Acting Out; Mirror Work; Increase Self Control; Realizing Emotional Needs; Intentions; Develop new dominant emotion; New Emotional Environment; Trust; Exercise; Develop Intimacy; Visualizations; Unconditional Love And Acceptance; Work on Resentment.



Alaskan Essences; Perelandra; Tree Essences; Alchemical And Spagyric; Ancient Forest; Australian Bush; Cosmic Eurythmy; Whole Energy; Wild Earth Animal Essences; Meditation Remedies; Pacific Combination Essences; Pacific Sea Essences; Pegasus Animal Elixirs; Pegasus Combo Elixirs; Pegasus Starlight Elixirs.


Flower Essences

Alaskan Flower essences; General Flower essences; Clear Path; Living Light; Delta Gardens; Findhorn; Australian Bush Flower essences; Fes; Bach Flowers; Whole Energy Flower essences; Healing Herbs Flower Essences; Pacific Essences; Master’s Essences; Pegasus Rose Essences; Pegasus Flower Essences


Healing Systems

General questions; Feng Shui; Ayurvedic Doshas; Taoist Exercises; Mantras; Cranio-sacral Therapy; Healing Systems; Meridian Clock.



Complex Homeopathic Remedies; Complex Powell Remedies; Gemmotherapy; Grandgeorge Book Remedies; Small Materia Medica; Large Materia Medica; Narayani Balance Remedies; Narayani Full Set combinations; Narayani Mixtures, Narayani Sarcodes; Narayani Specials; Cold Remedies; Sarcodes; Heel #7Sarcodes; Heel – Nosodes; Dolisos Oligostom; Heel – Specialties; Homeopathic Remedies; Schuesser Salts; Spine Rubricks.


Module selection screen

Allows the evaluation of All modules/screens available in the database including custom modules to find the most resonant screens for investigation


All Groups screen

Allows the evaluation of the entire 100,000+ standard database and any custom groups.


This screen gives pointers or indicators of what can contributing to the client’s condition: Risk factors; Stress factors; Toxicity factors; Area of most concern; Treatment function; Well-being factors; Biochemical issues; Lifestyle issues; Pay attention to.


Natural Medicine

A-Z Natural medicines: contains about 10,000 natural remedies referenced in the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database



Non-brand – general Vitamins, Minerals, Phytochemicals, Enzymes, Fatty Acids, Food Supplements, Common Herbs, Greens, Amino Acids, Antioxidants. Also Sports Nutrition products; Weight Loss products; Food items; Children’s Products; General Bodybuilding products. Acid Forming foods; Alkaline Forming foods.


Organs & Systems

This program works like the sarcodes in homeopathy giving messages of healthy tissue to the body.


Skeletal – Hip; Pelvis; Chest, Leg; Foot; Arm; Hand; Back; Neck; Head

Nervous – Front; Back; Spinal; Leg; Foot; Arm; Hand; Neck; Brain

Muscles – Upper Body; Front; Back; Arm; Leg; Foot; Neck; Head; Pharyngeal

Glandular – Thymus; Adrenals; Thyroid; Lymph; Hypothalamus; Pituitary; Pineal

Respiratory – General; Pharynx; Lungs; Larynx; Trachea; Sinus

Dental – Nerves; Oral Cavity; Teeth; Salivary Gland; Tongue

Circulatory – Arm; Hand; Front; Back; Heart; Brain; Head; Foot; Colon

Digestive General; Stomach; Large Intestines; Small Intestine; Colon; Liver

Genitourinary – Bladder; Kidney; Genitourinary – Female; Genitourinary – Male;

Senses – Tongue; Nose; Balance; Eye; Ear


Organ Specific Remedies

Gives natural remedies for: Gallbladder; Eye; Liver; Urinary; Mouth; Heart; Nasal; Kidney; Vaginal; Lung; Brain; Muscle; Foot; Face; Genital; Oral; Head; Joints; Pancreas; Chest; Hair; Ear; Colon; Anal; Abdominal; Blood; Bladder; Stomach; Breast; Uterine; Nerve; Gums; Skin; Nose; Glands; Bone; Bowel



Bacteria; Fungi; Helmins & Protozoa; Viruses & Prions; Pathogens, Toxins, Vaccines. Sulis groups: Animal Diseases & Symptoms, Animal Infections, Animal Psychological, Sulis Diseases; Sulis Bacteria, Parasite, Viruses, Sulis Organs, Sulis Radioactive fallout, Sulis Radioactive Isotopes, Sulis Tumors, Sulis Vaccines.


Physiological categories

Immune Factors; Chromosomes; Internal Secretions; Aging Factors; Nerves; Muscles; Organ Systems; Neurotransmitters; Urine; Pathology; High Blood Pressure Causes; Vertebrae Imbalances; Vertebra Relations; Nerve Imbalances; Cell Types; Brain; External Features; Hormones; Internal Glands & Organs; Blood Factors; Blood Chemistry; Bones; Dental: teeth correspondence, teeth meridians, dental conditions, dental isodes, dental materials, dental nosodes, tissues; Spinal Reflexes


Relationships (human)

Gives insight regarding: Relationship Basics; Boundaries; Competition; Fantasy; Goals; Issues; When someone needs help



Vitamins, Minerals, Phytochemicals, Enzymes, Fatty Acids, Food Supplements, Common Herbs, Greens, Amino Acids, Antioxidants; Ultimate Nutrition; Udo’s Choice; Weil; Webber Naturals; West Coast Naturals; PVL; Prairie Naturals; Renew Life; Quest; Strauss; Sisu; Trophic; Swiss Herbal; Nature’s Way; Nature’s Harmony; Nu-Life; Now; Organika; Omega Alpha; Powell Supplements; Other Companies; Food supplements; Genuine Health; Jamieson; Interactive Nutrition; Kyolic; Julian Whitaker, MD; Mannatech; Lorna Vanderhaeghe; Natural Factors; Naka; Fat Wars; EAS; Garden Of Life; Flora; Health First; Apex Energetics 1; Apex Energetics 2; Minerals; Nootropic Benefits; Nootropics; Nutritional Support Needed; Phytochemical Groups; Vitamins; A.Vogel.

Remember, any other brand can be added to this database.


Symptom Specific Remedies

Gives natural remedies for: Incontinence; Pneumonia; Toothache; Pertussis; Sinusitis; Psoriasis; Sprains; Shingles; Stress; Worms; Sweating; Stomach Pain; Tinnitus; Stroke; Tuberculosis; Thrombosis; Hypoglycemia; Impotence; Vaginitis; Vertigo; Warts; Weight Loss; Women’s Health; Atherosclerosis; Sclerosis; Vitiligo; Aging; Autism; Eye Inflammation; Fever; Flatulence; Flu; Gout; Hair Loss; Back Pain; Arthritis; Cramps; Crohn’s Disease; Cystitis; Depression; Cancer; Cancer Sore; Candidiasis; Cardiovascular; Dry Skin; Eczema; Edema; Epilepsy; Congestive Heart Failure; Conjunctivitis; Constipation; Cough; Bleeding; Bronchitis; Acne; ADHD; Alcoholism; Allergy; Anemia; Anxiety; Headache; Heart Failure; Dermatitis; Diabetes; Diarrhea; Dizziness; Baldness; Bladder Infection; Itching; Jaundice; Heartburn; Hepatitis; Herpes; Hoarseness; Hormones Female; Hormones Male; Malaria; Memory; Men’s Health; Menstrual Disorders; Infection; Influenza; Insomnia; Irritable Bowel; Neuralgia; Osteoporosis; Paralysis; Parkinson’s; Joint Health; Kidney Stones; Leukemia; Lupus; Cirrhosis; Cold; Colitis; Colon Health; Muscle Cramps; Nasal Congestion; Nausea; Nervousness; Aids; Sore Throat; Indigestion


Veterinary for pets (cats/dogs), horses, cattle, birds, pigs

TCM Treatment; Avian Acupuncture; Avian Conditions; Cattle Acupuncture-Ear; Cattle Acupuncture-Yang Points; Cattle Acupuncture-Yin Points; Cattle Conditions; Equine Acupuncture-Coronary Band; Equine Acupuncture-Korean; Equine Acupuncture-Ting-Points; Equine Acupuncture-Traditional; Equine Acupuncture-Transpositional; Equine Conditions; Equine Conditions-Biomechanics; Equine Conditions-Biomechanics2; Equine Conditions-Biomechanics 3; Equine Conditions- Digestive; Equine Conditions-Musculoskeletal; Equine Therapy-Hanna Somatics; Porcine Acupuncture; Veterinary Conditions-Dental & Ear; Veterinary Conditions-Reproductive; Veterinary Acupuncture-Meridians; Chinese Herbs: Veterinary Remedies-Findhorn; Chinese Herbal Formulas; Chinese Herbs; Herbs-Min Shan; Chinese Herbs-Plum Flower; Veterinary Remedies-Pegasus 1-7; Alaskan Flower Essences; Veterinary Healing-Spiritual.


Extra Databases (at additional cost)

Michael J. Lincoln’s Messages from the Body, Addictions & Cravings, Allergies & Aversions

Michael Lincoln, Ph.D in clinical psychology is a pioneer in integrating behavioral and psychoanalytic approaches to the healing of deep emotional wounds and is also the author of numerous books. The CoRe system integrates this material to find the resonant psychological meanings of afflictions.


Virtual EDS/TCM (Electro-Dermal Screening/Traditional Chinese Medicine)

This module is very much like the Acugraph from Miridia except that the CoRe system generates the 24 measurements.  It is used for diagnostics only indicating to the practitioner where to apply the acupuncture electrode, needles or acupressure.


  • Training video on EDS/TCM from Adrian Larsen (Feb 17, 2012):


  • Kiran’s EDS/TCM video:


  • More information on the source of CoRe’s EDS/TCM module:


Cyber Anatomy Body Scan (requires version 6)

 Evaluate body organs and systems and balance in 3-D by communicating resonant information to specific parts of body’s organs and systems in real time. This works like homeopathic Sarcodes in that it communicates messages of healthy tissues. It is used to help with detoxification, to open up the body to receive informational remedies and energetic therapy as well as to revitalize. Each analysis generates a results sheet that can be added to the report for long distance balancing.

Video from Kiran on the Body Scan – 3D anatomical visualization:


Other custom groups

Inquire from Sonia Jaramillo about custom groups developed by some practitioners on Metaphysics, Hanna Kroeger, Feng Shui, NAET, Cancer frequencies, Agriculture, etc. Some free groups are included when purchasing any of these custom groups.



Frequency Therapy is available with the Inergetix-CoRe System to provide several other layers of balancing with a range of energy carriers including sound, electricity, magnetism and red/infrared light and LED light.

Settings can be analyzed for optimum effect according to wave, amplitude, sweep band, sweep time as well as total time.


Modes of Frequency Therapy Available


Single or Disease Frequency Therapy

Included in S1 Basic, S2 Advanced and BBR configurations but it can be added to CIS.

Frequency sets for 1100 diseases (approx 8000 frequencies) based on research in energetic frequency therapies over the last 50 years. It provides the frequencies that have been shown to work with the selected disease names. The CoRe algorithm can analyze these pre-programmed frequencies to find the most resonant for the client.

This screen can be customized adding new frequencies found in books or the Internet as well as frequencies found especially beneficial for a particular client.





Frequency Therapy (Dual)

These frequencies are selected with the bio-informational feedback from the client and the symptoms entered. These are therefore intelligent frequencies specific to the client and in the context of the filters entered. The user can scan specific ranges at various increment levels to create a table of resonant frequencies to then broadcast.




Bioresonance / Biofield / Rife Therapy System


This system is all hardware including the Bioresonance LaesEr device which registers the body’s energies, the Health Integrator which amplifies them and then feeds them back to the body for balancing. It includes applicators such as the Flexible-conductive Headband
2 Flexible-conductive Mats, Stainless Steel Footplate electrode, Magnetic Disc, Mind-Resonator LED Eye glasses, Audio files for download.   It also includes the Disease Specific Screen (Rife pre-programmed frequencies for over 1000 conditions).



Please learn about this system here:






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