CoRe software 23 new builds in 2014


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CoRe system 640 by 480

We could call it version 7 with all the improvements that have gone into version 6 over the last 3 years in fact here is the build no 574 – a mature product

that has stood the test of time

… my days and nights are rhythemed by the set up of distant sessions and the follow
up of the respective  communications… again and again in awe with the results and
the effects…

Gabriele Breyer


During the year 2014 CoRe has seen 23 new builds which introduced the following changes:

  • A performance improvement for multi-core CPUs when running an evaluation. This optimization is best visible when doing successive evaluations for any screen (the effect is not very visible during the first evaluation); also it will not affect screens with many thousands of resonances (like the all groups screen).
  • Improved user experience when printing reports for relational protocols.
  • Greatly improved speed of filtering on resonances groups in the evaluation form.
  • New and much more complete Cyber Anatomy objects set.
  • New functionality – the analytic evaluation mode.
  • The evaluation results precision and top results count options are added to the program settings.
  • The evaluation process UI is streamlined in order to avoid multiple form switches and exclude a situation when the UI would become unusable.
  • Most importantly – a lot of stability and performance improvements. Now CoRe does many things quite faster and overall user experience is much better.


The following problems have been fixed:

  • Fixed a sporadic crash when doing an evaluation while there is an auto-communication running in background.
  • Fixed a problem when frequency recording are disappearing from the session window.
  • Fixed a problem when some images in evaluation results and reports were not showing.
  • Fixed a problem when it was not possible to create new protocols.
  • Fixed a rare problem when restoring database backups.
  • Fixed a rare problem when importing client information.
  • Fixed a problem when sometimes resonances could not be deleted in the user mode browser.
  • Quite a few minor problems reported by clients.


let me know what changes you would want to see in 2015



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