Detox – minimizing initial aggravation – maximizing effectiveness with the CoRe System


1. Where can you find the Bio-Software ?

2. Why are thoughts, beliefs and emotions not the root cause of disease ?

3. How can one limit the over-reaction to a detox process ?


The new science of Informational Medicine holds that any change on the physical or energetic level will be preceded and accompanied by changes on the informational level. However just as we cannot find software when taking a computer apart, we will not find it when doing an autopsy. As in a computer we may find organs where information was stored or processed, like the brain, or the chemicals involved, or the nerves used for its transmission but we will not find the information itself.

Just as in a factory the body uses information to determine where nutrients are needed, at what time and in what quantity. It needs information to determine which substances that enter the body are nutrients, which are neutral and which are toxic. It requires software to determine how toxins or pathogens are to be neutralized and eliminated. Cells have to be renewed by the millions every day and physiological parameters have to be monitored and constantly adjusted to a changing environment and requirements.

In addition to all the physiological processes the body informational system needs to monitor and control millions of energy processes like in a giant power grid with millions of cells connected. Electric, heat and light energy have to be produced in the body and distributed to the places where they are needed, modulated by the information that they carry.

Thoughts, beliefs and  emotions is not this software but they are just the expression associated with it, just as the information that you get from a computer is not the software. This means that by changing emotions, beliefs and thoughts we are not changing the software, we are changing its expression. Our body was working before we learned emotions, beliefs and thoughts so we should not imagine that these are the factors that are the root causes of actions.

A disturbed health has often disturbed emotions, beliefs and thoughts associated with it, however correcting them based on any value system will not re-create health as they  are effects and not the cause of the original dis-ease. For example re-educating bad eating habits will not create health as these are effects and not causes.

Likewise eliminating toxins will not create health as the assimilation and accumulation of toxins is not a cause but an effect of ill health.

Few no this better than my friend Dr Allen Joseph who has been an expert in Detox programs since many years and runs a beautiful Detox resort in Chiangmai Thailand.

He knows that not only a damaged software will make it difficult to eliminate accumulated toxins but also that in such a case toxins will be again absorbed quickly right after detox program.

Also it is a common observation that any organism tries to maintain the status quo and that every major change is consequently answered by what is called a “healing crisis” or “initial aggravation” which also is controlled by a software program. Allen talks here how both the this initial overreaction is reduced and detox made more complete and lasting with the integration of the CoRe System and the Bio-LaesEr that are an integral part of his approach.

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  1. David B. Monier-Williams on

    It seems as though Dr. Allen’s de-tox program is similar to one I encountered in West Palm Beach Florida, whose name I’ve forgotten. My question is, since a cancer patient’s immune system is already compromised isn’t his drastic de-tox too severe for them to physically handle? I would suggest say using the Vega MRT in conjunction with NLP. Specifically, eliciting their life’s traumas in chronological order, using Timeline to resolve them, resolving their inner conflicts, re-prioritizing their criteria, expanding their beliefs and introducing new behaviours to support the changes. Unless, of course, there is some other part of the CoRe system that can ensure these types of changes, with testable results.

    • Hello David

      this is what Allen talked about that it is the Bio-LaesEr that allows to minimize detox reactions – simply because you get ill, you poison yourself with junk-food and coca cola not because you have the wrong believe system but because you have no connection to your SELF – if you dont have it you will have a bitter reaction to any healing that does not address the reason why you became sick in the first place – you are hungry to create a SENSE of SELF. And for that reason you had gone through all the previous traumas in your life – and covering them up with NLP or other linguistic methods is as futile as thinking you can delete an information in your computer by moving it in the recycling bin.

      The Bio-LaesEr is doing what all previous Bioresonance just pretended to do make an energetic feedback to your SELF


  2. David B. Monier-Williams on

    Kiran: I don’t doubt the the efficacy of bio-LaesEr, however, your lack SENSE of SELF was created by the original unconscious trauma and all subsequent traumas which are only the same song sung in a different key. The original unconscious trauma was and always is “abandonment” or if you like the removal inadvertently by one or both of your parents of the unconditional love. And no NLP does NOT I repeat does NOT cover them up. I’ve been using it for many years very effectively. CoRE systems for me is an adjunct not a replacement.

  3. Kiran Schmidt on

    Hello David

    let us be saved from doctors like you – You know everything – you even know what “my trauma was caused by” and all this from a distance without knowing any details

    but you are not special – the world is full of doctors who have seen it all and who know the problem and the cure without even looking

    • David B. Monier-Williams on

      Kiran: You know a lot about a lot of things. There’s no question about that. You can be proud of your vast knowledge. But to presume you know anything about NLP is pure arrogance as I know a little more than you in this respect. As an example you said,” And for that reason you had gone through all the previous traumas in your life – and covering them up with NLP or other linguistic methods is as futile as thinking you can delete an information in your computer by moving it in the recycling bin.” Nobody who has been trained in NLP believes that using linguistic patterns or any other patterns can delete cover up or remove anything in the mind to the re-cycling bin. That’s pure hogwash. In order to get to a SENSE of SELF you need to get back with and resolve the underlying problem(s) of your life in order for you to DeTox effectively without reactions.

      • Kiran Schmidt on

        Dear David

        we are talking from different perspectives – The USA idea is that you can “solve everything” if you have enough dedication and the right methods, be it NLP, with the delete button or otherwise, is of no importance.

        I am coming from the perspective that is the basis of all older traditions like Hindu, Buddhist and Islam that many things are just given facts that do not have a solution, they are like a burning flame that are not extinguishable in a given life time, as well as others that have a solution like the one you talk about – again it is a DLE quest. The issues that are not “changeable” are there to serve as energy providers for the transformation from the informational matrix into the soul matrix – the work of religion – of which the US doctrine/virus/religion does not have a gimps.

        The Law of Attraction and the basic assumption of NLP and all the current US religious doctrines that say “It is all a result of your believe-system, change it and you change your world” are very close to us today – so close that you and most others consider them as self-evident – which they are not – they are just our current US religious dogmas


        • David B. Monier-Williams on

          I think we are talking about the same thing but expressing it differently. However, before I can answer you in an informed way what is a “gimps.”

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