Don’t confuse the Bioresoance-LaesEr with Mind Machines



Mind machines are around since almost 50 years. They produce sound and strobe lights with adjustable or recorded frequencies, some more effective ones can be  connected to neurofeedback devices to alter the frequencies in response to changes in brain waves on the fly.

In comparison the Biofeedback-LaesEr  senses electric frequencies between two electrodes  anywhere on the body, amplify it and feed it back electrically, light and magnetism.

This feedback are not some artificially selected frequencies or selected bands of the ECG but the whole, called EIGEN-spectrum. At a specific ratio between a persons own frequency emanation and the amplitude of feedback occurs a Resonance Maximum – similar to a quantum leap that occurs when atoms are radiated with resonant frequencies.

At this critical point very new phenomena occur — for example the white light that is fed back through ordinary WHITE LED goggles -while your eyes are closed- is turned into an overwhelming abundance of colors and pattern that are shockingly different and superior to anything that we can see with open eyes or when looking into disco lights or colored mind-machine LED stimulator.

The underlying neurophysiological processes are totally different than in ordinary mind machines – there colored LED are used to make you see colors while in the Bioresonace-LaesEr the colors are created in your brain AND colors more vibrant than anything you have ever seen.

This feedback of the whole spectrum of Eigen-frequencies leads to profound healing that is often considered miraculous. Marco Paulo turned his one man Chiropractic clinic into a clinic that runs now 4 Bio-LaesErs with about 200 patients a day.

This Quantum-Leap setpoint can be adjusted with the two knobs in on the front of the Bio-LaesEr. However  Nirmala found also a way to make this adjustment possible with 2  audio controls that allows to adjust this ratio externally and more  conveniently while remaining reclined in a chair.

And yes Nirmala the experience changes very much with the location where you pic-up the EIGEN-Frequency – it is a strange addiction of current Neurofeedback church to almost exclusively read and analyze brainwaves while there are other frequencies related and measurable at every chakra for example, every meridian point or any other point of the body. In fact the neurological signals that are necessary for thought and control of individual organs is minute compared to the 1000 times greater volume of signals that come from millions of receptor cells all over the body – for the same reason time in an isolation tank is such a RESET experience. All this is a new field of investigation for those who are as creative as Nirmala in experimenting and comparing different ways in using the  Bio-LaesEr:


Hi Kiran,
I owned a few different mind machines years ago, but I wanted to try a newer model so I ordered the Kasina last month. But now I find that with the ability to easily adjust the flashing rate and the brightness, the visuals on the BioLaesEr are even that much better than the Kasina. It is fun to kind of “paint” different colors and patterns by turning the knobs in time with the music, although it is also then nice to leave the controls alone for a while and just sink into the experience of one setting.

Just wanted to share some pictures (see below) of my latest setup with the volume controls controlling the flashing rate and the brightness of the lights. I hooked up two of the external volume controls like this one:

One of them goes inline between the “signal out” on the back of the BioLaesEr and the “source in” on the back of the Health Integrator. This controls the flashing speed of the glasses just like the middle knob on the BioLaesEr. I first get the lights flashing quickly using the knobs on the BioLaesEr and then make further adjustments with the external volume control. With this “volume” control I can adjust between very slow and very fast flashing with a very small movement of the dial.

The second “volume” control goes between the “light stimulator” output for the glasses on the front of the Health Integrator and the glasses themselves, and this allows me to adjust the brightness of the flashing LEDs.

With these two controls I can sit back in my zero-gravity chair and easily control the rate of flashing and the brightness of the LED lights in the glasses without lifting my arms off of the chair. The combined effect makes for an amazing variety of visual patterns and colors, and the result is a very strong kind of DLE stimulation. If you have not tried using a volume control to adjust the brightness of the glasses, I strongly recommend you give it a try. There are entirely new and different colors that appear with the changing brightness levels.

In the pictures you can also see the computer and microphone I use for the Portacle software that gives a different kind of eigen-frequency feedback using an enhanced and altered form of feedback of my own voice:

You can also catch a glimpse of the vibration transducers that are mounted on the underside of the zero-gravity chair that powerfully transmit sound waves into the body. The effect of feeling the sounds kinesthetically is very impactful, both with my own voice feedback and when just playing music on my computer through the headphones and the vibration transducers. Listening to the enhanced feedback of my voice, or just to beautiful music, with headphones, the vibration transducers and the BioLaesEr feeding the flashing glasses is an all consuming sensory experience. I find it is easy and instinctual to change the flashing and brightness of the glasses in sync with the music, and there is a wonderful synesthesia that results. So far the experience is so all consuming that I only seem to want to do it for about 30 minutes and then I am feeling very full and satisfied, and am ready to stop.

It is all quite a psychedelic and trippy ride, and I am enjoying it a lot. I even sometimes add the pulsed magnetic stimulator up by my head for another channel of stimulation.

PS: I am returning the Kasina. With the volume controls giving me endless adjustments, the visuals using the BioLaesEr are much more interesting and beautiful.

PPS: I will try using both halves of the foot plate as you suggest, as it would be even safer for people who are extremely sensitive. I did just discover that when I use the footplate and the headband that the flashing rate is always changing a little bit on its own. The rate is much more stable when I use the headband and a pad applicator under my neck, and then I can control it much more accurately using the volume control. I also thought that using the headband and a pad under my neck might pick up more EEG signals than using the feet, but maybe that is not true. Do you think it is the same no matter where you put the applicators, or would putting them near the head mean that more EEG signal is being picked up?

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