Eigen-Resonance in Medicine


Human Eigen-Resonance

Working with the Bio-LaesEr  has catalyzed a new understanding of the nature of disease, the purpose of spiritual practices and a unified understanding of the working principle of many healing modalities. Bio-LaesEr stands for “Bioresonance Life Amplification by Energy Stimulated Eigen-Resonance”.

With the Bio-Laeser the frequencies of the client are fed back as electric, magnetic, light or sound and thus create a state of Eigen-Resonance . “Eigen” is German and means SELF, or something that is “specific for the individual” and it is a common term in physics and mathematics as in eigen-frequency, eigen-vector, eigen-value a.s.o.

However as always in our outward oriented culture this concept has not been applied to human psychology and energetic processes where it would be of the greatest importance.

Health really means to be in a more constant state of “Eigen-resonance” in all respects, sensually, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. If this Eigen-resonance is inhibited disease starts to enter.

As children we have many forms of Eigen-resonance still working properly, we examine our bodies in detail, we chew on our nails, we suck on our fingers, we spend hours under a blanket and breath our own breath and body-odor. Then all our cultural taboos and non-sensual education enters and is absorbed and all this becomes objectionable. Then we develop all kind of replacement “Eigen-resonances” like for example sticking our own thumb in our mouth we stick a cigarette. Instead of smelling our own body-odor we cover it with the latest perfume and instead of being in love with out own body we cover it with fashion that has nothing to do with us.

As a result that we loose our “Sense of Self” we stick to replacement addiction like shopping, drugs, work, property and DLE becomes more and more impossible – we are insecure as we have no connection to our Self anymore.

Many spiritual traditions talk about the “Need for SELF”, “I am-ness”, “Know Thyself” but usually stay on a mental level or abstract meta-physical level in explaining what this would practically mean.

“In order to Know YOURELF you first have to Sense Yourself” – a very simple realization with the most revolutionary implications.


Many modalities can easily be understood from this point of view, e.g. Eigen-blood or Eigen-Urine therapy or the practice of extracting other body fluids or tissues and feeding back certain parts of it like in Stem-cell-therapy. In Homeopathy we have the little understood practice of Sarcode remedies which would certainly much improve if the Sarcodes are produced from the clients own tissues.

As children we were humming to ourselves or even talking to ourselves – and as adults all this is considered childish or even insane and we bombard us constantly with sounds that are not our own.

The Bio-LaesEr uses this very fundamental principle that we need to have Eigen-Resonance to feed back body-own frequencies and not as in traditional Bioresonance to “Cancel them out with inverted ones” like in Noise-cancellation – what could be a more allopathic approach ?

All doctors are usually portrayed with Stethoscopes around their neck – most today will rarely use them and even less understand the amazing potential for treating themselves. If you get a Stethoscope (cost about 10$) and listen to your heart for 15 minutes you will understand the profound calming and meditative power of this simple practice. We never were taught to do that and if at all only as a curious experiment in school. However the future will show that this is a key to re-creating a sense of self, that will provide the power to recover from disease and addiction as nothing else can.

In emergency situations nature does everything to provide a maximum of this Eigen-resonance in an increased heartbeat that even becomes sensible or sweating that a sense of Eigen-smell is possible to provide the centering necessary to overcome the danger. (in hospitals the stench of disinfectants makes this almost impossible)

Everyone who experienced the Bio-LaesEr feel very soon, if not already at the first treatment, that the “sense of self” is increasing and with it a sense of certainty and security that has long been forgotten.


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