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Inergetix Founder Born on 1962 in Stuttgart/Germany, Founding of the Instrument Systems Corp Munich.


  1. Hi Kiran,

    This is great! Can you do something loke this for HN and (how to use) CoRe 6.0. version? 6.0 has so many great possibilities, but many of them are not usable (like audio files of remedies) and so on.
    Explanations like this for 6.0 ( and an additional button in 6.0 to acces to all screens allways and anywhereon software will be of great help (please also for button for DLE selection in frequency therapy screen, as you promise in Belgrade)!

    I understand, that you live today in tomorrow, but we are not all like you, and please understand, that we need perfect guidance to use CoRe system as it had to be used – not becouse of us, but becouse of our patients.

    Your job is great, but please take a time also for us, that your inventions will be for the best use and results!


    Kiran’s comment :

    Dear Moja
    thank you for your appreciation – just believe me – my life is 24 hours a day (even when I dream) about CoRe and its healing and spiritual dimensions.
    I have to be an inventor, creator, producer, trouble-shooter, motivator besides being a teacher – and like myself I have to beg you for patience with yourself and with me – all will come in due time


    • Diana Jakovljevic on

      This is very well presented, so practical and easy for everybody.

      Thank you Kiran for making all this for as.


      … and much more is coming Kiran

  2. Dominic Asenso on

    I have just taken delivery of the BBR and the components look REALLY cool.
    My dilemma is: without the CIS, how will one treat an allergic patient without knowing exactly what is causing the hypersensitivity reaction?
    Can you come up with something like the Birek (used by other bioresonant devices) for those who do not have the funds to buy a more sophisticate combination like the S2?


    • Dear Dominic

      this Birek by Bicom is just a tensor and works like a pendulum – you can get this everywhere for a few dollars.

      I do not follow this age-old illusion that -this-or-that- is the cause of our disease. This blame-game is the
      reason for all our suffering on all levels.

      Once you have a good Sense-of-Self and make good use of it for the benefit of others and for connecting to the divine
      you are as healthy as it can be and if there is disease it is given to you to grow but it will not destroy you.

      Therefor the Bioresonanc-LaesEr is all you need to make people healthy and then they will not need flowers, sugar, bread
      or other beautiful things anymore to blame that they make them sick.


  3. My Name is Paresh Amin. I am recently graduated Regd. Nautropath Practitioner in Brampton ON Canada. I am wondering to know about your product, which is used for the diagnosis & therapy purpose. In my region who is practising by your product. What is the cost of the equipment.

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