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Kidney stone

Client suffered from severe pain in the left side of the back. Core Evaluation show that client resonate with Kidney stone. Client confirmed the history of the Kidney stone. I decided to use BBR in combination with Rife. BBR set up: foot electrodes FF plus flex mat on the sacral chakra (client was very dominant and materialistic) and LED in the left painful kidney area.

Client reported less pain after first session from 40 min. We did sessions 5 days in a row, each session was 40 min. After second day of the therapies client had no more pain but we continued with 3 more sessions.


Client had a pain and cramps in the lower pelvic area and a need to urinate frequent at night, Client resonate with prostate inflammation and blister on the genital organ. I asked about blister but client negated about existing of the blister.

I used only BBR, foot FF electrodes and flex mat placed on the lumbar area adding LED/ Light Array Pad electrode on the prostate area. We did sessions for 7 days, every day 30 min. Interesting was that after second therapy client admitted that he has a blister on the genital organ but he was not comfortable to tell about when I asked earlier. After 4 days of the therapy symptoms disappeared and the blister disappeared after 6 days of the therapy.


Pain in the lower back

Client suffered from severe pain in the lower back radiating to the left leg, for more than one month. Hardly could he walk or seat, and he was quite irritable. After evolution came out that client resonate quite with Herpes Zoster, so I combine Single Frequencies Therapy with BBR. Set up: hand electrodes (body field /Ref) and Foot electrode (CH2 in HN) + LED/ Light Array Pad placed on the lower back, therapy for 40 min. Already next day client could walk much better. After one more session client was free from pain. We did three more therapy using only BBR Set up: hand electrodes (body field /Ref) and Foot electrode (CH2 in HN) + LED placed on the lower back, therapy for 30 min.

Many clients I was able to help with lower back pain .I found very useful Led/ Light Array Pad in such condition. Sometimes I use HN/Frequencies Therapy/LED or BBR/Foot Electrodes/Flex Head Band/Led. Placing LED in the painful area. Just a few therapies will relieve them completely from pain.


Stomach Ulcer

Client was diagnosed with Stomach Ulcer and complained also about too much stress in the office. After quick evaluation apparently was that client had most disbalance on the emotional/mental level. Here I used BBR combining with CoRe Frequencies Therapy 30 min. for 3 days. After those three days client was for next six days in a row only on the BBR sessions only. All those days set up was the same: hand electrodes (body field /Ref) and Foot electrode (CH2 in HN) + LED/ Light Array Pad placed on the stomach area. Already after five days client was completely relived.


Bladder inflammation

In my practice I had a quite number of the clients suffering from bladder inflammation what we were able to solve just with BBR simply using Hand Electrodes and one Foot Electrode together with placing LED/ Light Array Pad in the lower Pelvic area for about 30-40 min not more than 2-4 days


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