Combining Rife and Bioresonance frequency therapy


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Bioresonanz Rife Biofeedback mixing ratio

Both Rife and Bioresonance have a good track record of successes. However it would be naive to deny the equally large number of failures of both techniques – here is my assessment on how the strength of both can be combined to create a complimentary solution that remedies the individual weaknesses – and remember in the following I am pointing out more the weaknesses, not because they are dominating features but because I discuss a way how to compensate them.

Rife therapy basically has a very allopathic approach : “to radiate the body with frequencies that are resonant with pathogens in order to blow them up”. Rife talked about MOR –  MORTAL OSCILLATORY RATES of frequencies. So it is not surprising that the immune system reacts to these frequencies in the same way that it reacts to a lot of biochemical drugs – it just rejects them. Modern medicine has a name for that “Treatment resistance” believing that only the pathogens are resistant not imagining that the host organism often has as much part in this effect, in that it protects the pathogens not allowing the drugs past the immune barrier.

This ignorance of immune system effects is very common, we are taught to eat every imaginable supplement, believing that once a substance is in the body every problem of deficiency is solved. Far from it – it is actually a much greater art to deliver the substance in a form that the host also absorbs it and not filter it out as a foreign agent. This is particularly true for all man-made substances that, although considered identical to those produced by nature are still treated as un-known by an organism.

As a side-note – this is a problem that is been generally overlooked in all areas of life. Teachers and parents have good and valuable information but they lack often the ability to bring it past the immune defense of children. Rich and powerful countries have the means and good intention to provide support to nations in need but fail, because the donated goods are not getting where they are needed. Only Advertising is often successful in getting the message across, because they have learned ways to overcome the natural immune barrier.

How can we avoid the same fate to happen to all the good and healing Rife or other frequencies to be just filtered out by the energetic immune defense ? Anyone living close to an airport or railway line will know that after some time noise is simply filtered out while a new visitor would bet that this could never be possible for him because of the sheer volume. Equally there is presently every possible electromagnetic frequency in the air, some Starbuck now even offer the possibility to charge your cell phone wireless. That this madness has not created more sickness than it does already is the result of our energetic immune system (which gets thinner and thinner by the day)

Those believers in old-style Rife therapy that look up healing frequencies for a given disease, overlook the fact that this as well as any other frequency is readily available in almost any location on this planet. The following diagram is showing the EMF spectrum of just 3 technical devices that are in everybody’s vicinity.

EMF noise polution filtered by the immune system

So the last thing we need today is just more FREQUENCY-BOMBARDMENT, but we need a Trojan horse that allows the useful and healing specific frequencies be accepted by the immune system.

bioresoance modulated Rife frequencies

The solution is here as in all other areas of life to use something that is recognized as your own, just like Amway used friends and family, or Google is embedding Adds in sites that you love – we can use Eigen-frequencies, that the Bioresonance LaesEr picks up and amplifies, as the carrier wave for the healing Rife-frequencies. The middle knob of the Bioresonance LaesEr allow exactly that – to select the modulation ratio between the external Frequency Generator and the EFF Eigen-Frequency Feedback.




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  1. Interesting post, I have a question though: according to experience which modulation ratio of the middle knob has best results in delivering the external frequency into the person so that the body can assimilate it without the immune system acting as a barrier.? Would positioning the middle knob at 50/50 or maybe 60~70% towards eigen frequency feedback do a better job in delivering the external frequency to the body?
    Hello Angel

    of course this depends to the person – some people have a very strong EGO, self-defense and energetic immunity and others a lower one – the best setting is for

    all the position where the energetic body becomes a semi-conductor – this you hit when the blinking becomes very rapid – also you can see that this setting

    maybe slightly different for the same person at different day as the energetic state changes

    but experience is the best proof

  2. Thanks Kiran, so what would be your advice in this setup: I’m currently using Core Dual Frequency therapy. Once the energetic body becomes a semiconductor (rapid blinking), I start the dual frequency therapy… but the question is: Does the therapy has a better effect if I turn up the volume of the PC in order to achieve more voltage in the CH2 led bar (lets say 12 volts) of the Health Integrator, than if I adjust the volume so that the CH2 of the HI indicates for example 3 volts? In other words, reaching more volts in CH2 , has better results for the person or definitely it doesn’t matter how much voltage is reached?
    I hope I explain myself. Thanks for your comments.


    • Hi Angel,
      More voltage is not necessarily better; this is all client-specific as far as to what they can tolerate. It also depends on the type of frequencies being broadcast, if high, there will be less feeling. Lower frequencies generate more sound and more feeling but the key here is to target the voltage to the sensitivity of the client. Hope this helps, Sonia

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