LaesEr Bioresonance


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What are we actually measuring with the LaesEr ? Why was all Bioresonance exclusively non-energetic and Informational Medicine ? Why is it not necessary to postulate any new forms of energy to explain this new technology ? How do you place measuring electrodes to tap into the Human Eigen-Frequencies ?

3 things stand out with the LaesEr Bioresonance system

1. the ability to tap into the Body-Eigenfrequencies between any two points on the body and to feed them back for the first time not only in a symbolic form as in conventional Bioresoance but also as a sensible energy in form of sound, elctricity, magnetism or light

2. the first time to measure the extend of the biofield and to tap into it and even record it for Eigen-therapy or the therapy of others – with the ability to feel it and display it with any osciloscope

3. the first practical application of the DLE principle in a form that you will need to see and experience to believe it – this video is about this TURBO-button 


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