New 3D animations for CoRe-EMDR


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After the great success so many users report from EMDR sessions we have decided to give it another face-lift into the third dimension

I was thinking why “3D TV” is now so in fashion – although the technology with goggles was available already 30 years ago – but I feel that it is guided by informational forces – as the right brain of the majority is starting to petrify and 3D vision is a powerful way to stimulate it :

The brain is split into a right and left half. Consider the left visual cortex only. The visual signal comes from:
* nasal half of the right eye and
* temporal half of the left eye.
This combination is an essential first step for 3D vision, but is only half the story. The full visual field in 3D needs the right side of the brain achieving a similar combination of signals.


EMDR Animated Background Images Update Download (32.6 MB)

Latest CoRe 6.0 update CoRe 6.0 Update 6.0.0422 (71.5 MB)

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